Posted by: lostty | August 28, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 7

Today was the day that I had to go back to school, a bit disappointing that I have to re-start another year again of constant homework and many days with lack of sleep, but I’m probably more familiar to that than long vacations. I was really excited to watch another episode of Natsume Yuujinchou and I was once again very impressed. It obviously wasn’t as good as the last episode, but I wasn’t expecting this episode to be better anyway. So, the episode begins with the introduction the new character for this episode, which was an adorable little fox. At first I thought it was a girl, but much to my surprise it was actually a boy. I’m pretty sure that at some point or another he said something like “I have to be more like a man”  or something less cheesy than that. After you simply see him, the scene went back to Natsume and he was going to school or something like a hot spring, where he was really going was never to clear to me. Though before he left, his guardian told him to pick up some bowl or something, which would be nearby. This episode really shows how Natsume just can’t escape Nyanko’s presence. I mean, Nyanko actually went to all the effort to get himself in Natsume’s bag and let’s keep in mind that he is one fat cat. Meanwhile, the fox who apparently really enjoys the hat he found, which just makes him look even more feminine was being abused by two other spirits who were trying to kick him out of forest to where he lived. As this was all going on, Natsume was in the forest as well, looking for the location to where the store where he needed to get the item was. As he saw what was going on, he made an awesome surprise appearance by stopping the two spirits in mid-attack. Natsume really beat them up well, but from that, the fox got scared because he only just met Natsume and his first impression was that he might just be beat up as well. Though, as much as the fox was frightened at first he was also very grateful and after another weird leap in time, we see that as Natsume goes on doing normal activities the fox was watching him all along.

As Natsume was with his friends who were all talking to one another, the fox thought that his actions and words all seemed to be fake, which is why he believed that Natume must not have been human. That was an interesting observation from the fox and I would like to know if it was actually true, that even if Natsume can make friends, he still doesn’t really feel all that comfortable around them. So, the fox explained how he wanted to Natsume to live in the forest with him to his mother of a rock, I didn’t really understand that relationship either. Natsume obviously realized that the fox was following him everywhere, but Natsume was leaving that area by the next day, so he didn’t want the fox to grow too attached and dependent of him. His tactic to get the fox to stop following him was simply by running very fast from the fox before he even realized. It was pretty funny and it kind of surprised me that Nyanko is able to keep up with Nstume, he must be able to run very fast. Natsume has to go get the bowls he was told to get, but it started to rain spontaneously, so he wasn’t sure he was able to get the job done. Though, out of nowhere the fox gave him a giant leaf to cover himself from the rain, which was just awesome! The fox was so nice, the scene kind of reminded me of the movie “My Neighbor Totoro” when they were at the bus stop as it was raining and Totoro only had a very small leaf to protect his head because he’s just so big! Actually, when you think about it, this series actually has a very similar feel to the movie. That film really is great…

After Natsume reacted so grateful to the fox, it only made the fox even more eager to see Natsume again. Though, the two mean spirits tried to abuse the poor fox again stating he should leave because he’s so useless, but the fox now believed that he had a purpose to help Natsume so he decided to fight back, but that only made it worse because it angered the spirits even more. Before any actual damage was done though, Natsume saved the day! He is so amazing, Natsume is such a great character! As he stopped the spirits, he started hearing some old ugly tree calling for wanting his name back. Natsume really has style as gives a spirit back there name; he looks so cool! After the two spirits saw that Natsume was giving the old tree back its name, they were worried that he would take theirs. I said recently how I wanted more evil spirits, I guess those two could fit into the category, but when I said I wanted mean spirits, I meant more along the lines of the ones with sharp teeth who want to eat Natsume right away. It was so adorable how the fox actually wanted to have his name in the book of friends only because he wants to be important to Natsume. During this scene, the rain randomly stopped and from what I understand, it wasn’t a different day, so that must be a very weird fluctuation in weather? Natsume comes back to his house and brings the bowls as well. I find it always amusing to hear how Nyanko constantly thinks that Natsume’s logic is stupid, only because Natsume is such a selfless person while Nyanko is so selfish; it’s a weird match to have. The fox ended being tricked by a spirit with split personality because at first he told the fox he was being tricked and he shouldn’t be foolish and the next moment he rewards him anyway. He was able to get a bean thing that can turn him into a human, which he obviously ate so he could see Natsume easier.

He turned out to be even cuter as a kid, he looked even more feminine that before, but still super cute! Though, it surprised me that the fox was surprisingly knowledgeable on trains when he never even saw them before, he had no troubles at all! He looks for Natsume by his scent and ends up seeing Natsume fishing with his friends. Though, there wasn’t much fish because Nyanko was eating them all! Later on, the fox ended up going to Natsume’s house (where is the security for strangers randomly coming in?), only to realize that he already has a family. As the fox walked out and ended up tripping, Natsume picked him back up. Natsume noticed that the fox came into the house and after the fox started to cry because he was basically back to how he used to be, which is lonely, but Natsume comforted him and brought him home. I’m starting to believe that Natsume is one of the nicest characters ever! He’s so likable and he is always so kind to everyone and every spirit. I really enjoyed this episode, it had many moments that were just so good. The fox was a very intriguing character and I hope we will be able to see the character again later on. This series is really able to capture the summer feel, which is why it was really perfect to put it as a summer series. The only negative thing I have to say about the episode was that it was too choppy, their were too many scenes that just humped to the next; it just didn’t seem smooth. Still, the series still leaves me wanting more!



  1. This was my favorite episode by far. I mean, my old shota-lover (okay, so maybe I still like shota just a bit) self couldn’t help but love cute little foxy. D= Natsume only continues to make me feel all warm inside. I really really want the OST of this anime. Maybe I should check for a release date …

    And yeah, another year of homework and studying. Sigh. At least I’ve got a four-day long weekend before classes on Tuesday D=

  2. @saimaisama: The OST really is wonderful, I was thinking about purchasing it as well.
    Oh, how I love labour day weekend!

  3. This was actually one of my favourite episodes. 😀 It was actually quite bittersweet and I think some of that might have gotten lost in the confusion.

    Let me clarify some things up then ^.~

    1) Natsume was going for summer study camp at an onsen (hotsprings) in the mountains
    2) The fox’s mother is NOT a pile of rocks, she has merely passed away and the pile of rocks is her tombstone

    The entire episode deals with loneliness, both the fox kit’s as well as Natsume’s and the difference in how they cope with it. Natsume hides it behind his “fake” persona (according to the fox) whilst the fox prefers to seek out company proactively. Something that Natsume remarked he had never attempted.

    Hope that clears some things up 😀

  4. @viperduo: I was almost on the right track with the summer school thing 😀 As for the rock thing, I guess that makes more sense of it 😀
    The loneliness I understood, but I never really thought of it in the sense of how they coped with it. Thanks for showing me a new light of it all!

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