Posted by: lostty | August 27, 2008

Re-watching Code Geass and the affects it has on my mind

I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts how I finally got my Code Geass DVDs. After watching all nine episodes, it only really left me unsatisfied and craving for more. My need to see more Code Geass has been the only thing that has been on my mind for the past two weeks!

Is it really my fault that I’ve been checking Bandai’s site everyday to see if they end up posting release dates for the DVDs of part 2? Just as a note, I live in Canada, so I don’t get to watch the series on TV, which is actually fine by me because I absolutely hate the dub anyway; I’m a Jun Fukuyama fan all the way! An example to how I’ve been obsessive about Code Geass lately is that just yesterday I was trying to get through some episodes of D.Gray-man when all of a sudden I started to recall the season finale of Code Geass season one and before I knew it, I was in the midst of watching episode 24 and 25. Though, it obviously didn’t stop there because after the finale I knew I just had to watch more, which is why I started watching the beginning of R2 again. Although while watching R2 it made me think of Spinzaku, which led me to looking up images and watching MADs. Who would have thought that some of the videos people make are just of one character saying words over and over for at least 10 minutes? Oh, the things you find on Youtube… Also, every Code Geass theme song is on my mp3 and it seems to be the only songs that I ever want to listen to! These past weeks have really made me realize how addicting this series actually is. Just for the fun, I decided to make a pie chart so that you can get an idea to how Code Geass has really affected my life. X)

As you can see Lelouch obviously gets his own category in my mind because he’s just that great! I can be such an annoying fangirl when it comes to Lelouch, I just can’t stop loving him!

It also doesn’t help that you always have to wait a whole week for each episode to come out, this is definitely a series that is best when you can just marathon it. Sadly, a new episode of Code Geass is probably the only thing I truly look forward to in my week, it’s almost a pathetic thing to admit… Has an incident where you couldn’t keep you’re mind off a single anime ever happened to anyone else? I’d really hate to be alone on this.

So, enough of this pointless post and blabbering, as closure, I decided to leave a video that I found while I was scavenging Youtube one night. It’s a Spinzaku video done with the theme song to Lucky Star, I don’t even know why it entertains me so much! Sorry it’s such poor quality though.



  1. Even if the dub wasn’t bad, I automatically declared it a failure because it couldn’t have Jun Fukuyama. The Zero voice isn’t right!!!!

    But yeah, I had that same feeling when I finished my Geass DVDs. I want more. Why did it end with episode nine. I didn’t even get to see Gurren…

    I’ve had times when one series has been on my mind for a month or more at a time. Tsubasa Chronicle had me hooked for a really long time before CLAMP did one “twist” too many and now I don’t even care.

    lol, I’ve seen that Spinzaku video. Now then…waiting for the Runzaku videos to start turning out (to at least some extent).

  2. Same here. Lulu isn’t Lulu without Junjun! I don’t hate Johnny Young Bosch but it just isn’t the same without Junjun.

    We need the Runzaku video soon.

    Honestly, Geass hasn’t been on my mind much lately. I’m still having an Oofuri fever.

  3. @FuyuMaiden: episode nine is the episode right before when the real action starts, just by watching the preview it gets me hyped up.
    I’ve always liked Tsubasa Chronicle, but I never found it anything amazing. I bet the Runzaku videos are coming in just a matter of time.

    @saimaisama: I completely agree, although I actually just plain hate Johnny Bosch.

  4. Have you guys even HEARD of watching anime online? video streaming? u can pretty much find any show on the internet. I watched all of geass (seasons 1-2) on and DONT BOTHER BUYING THE DVD. And yes, there all in subs on those sites tho there are other sites, i preffer (high qualityer-er than animeseason)
    tho season prolly has more animes. Just sayin.

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