Posted by: lostty | August 25, 2008

Hidamari Sketch x365 episode 7

If you haven’t noticed, lately I’ve been writing really long blog posts, I don’t even know why they’ve been so long, I guess I’ve just had a lot to say lately. So, I wanted to mention that soon enough I probably won’t be posting as often as usual, only because the school year is starting this Wednesday for me. I can already tell it’s going to be a long year and I’m already disappointed, but I’ll still try my best to post as often as possible! Just as I wanted to get my mind off school with some Hidamari Sketch though, the episode ended up being all about school; it’s as if they knew this would upset me. This whole episode was about Yuno and Miya and there first day of school. In the time line for this series, this episode is obviously one of the first, Yuno didn’t even meet Sae before this episode! So, we start everything off with Yuno waking up in her candy blankets, she is evidently very nervous for her first day. She even mentions to Miya that she was so nervous that she couldn’t even sleep! Personally, I wouldn’t be nervous for my first day back at school, I would be more upset, which would be my cause for not being able to fall asleep. I guess it’s pretty obvious how my view on this episode is influenced by my own life right now in a negative way…

Anyway, so Yuno decides to make one of her favourite breakfasts to keep her prepared, but when Miya decides to help out she ends up ruining Yuno’s meal. It was too hilarious to have Yuno continuously hit Miya’s head with a frying pan because she was so upset. Sae ended up bursting through the door because of the noise, which leaves me to the question: how did she open the door? It made me wonder because Yuno obviously wouldn’t keep her door open and she never met Sae before, but I guess that isn’t something I should worry about. As for Yuno, when Sae came in she was panicking and thinking that she was bound to forget something, but somehow, Sae was able to comfort her. Sae comforting Yuno definitely shows off an nice side to Sae that was actually very nice, I think as this season progresses, I’m starting to like her as a character more. When Miya and Yuno were actually at the entrance ceremony and they saw the principal for the first time, Miya said what everyone was thinking. She said out loud that he really had a long face, which followed by the hilarious awkward silence until Principal continued with his speech.

They did a really good job at making his speech seem boring, even I was starting to get bored for the three second I heard before we saw that even Miya fell asleep. Back at the Hidamari Apartments, Misato came to visit Hiro and Sae, she used to go to the same school as them as she leaved in the same apartments. I liked how she could be brutally honest at times, no matter how cruel they sounded. As Miya and Sea went to there homeroom they finally met Yoshinoya for the first time, my school year to come could have actually been good if I had her as a teacher! She also made quite an impression on her students by asking if any wanted to pose as a nude model, it was evident that nobody was even sure if she was serious. After when there first day finally ended, Yuno actually spontaneously feel asleep on Miya’s shoulder, I didn’t think it was possible to follow for someone to follow asleep in the midst of walking, but this is an anime after all! Miya ended up carrying Yuno back to her room and when she finally woke up they ended up getting a letter from Sae and Hiro inviting them over. When Miya and Yuno went down to see why Hiro and Sea wanted to see them, it ened up being a surprise celebration, but Miya took it differently and instead considered it a surprise attack. After everything was cleared they all decided to go get some food at the store to celebrate Yuno’s and Miya’s entrance to the school. I guess this is where the food obsession must have begun, you can’t go wrong with candy! I was glad they changed the subject from school back to food.

My favourite scene in the episode as probably when both Miya and Yuno were carrying the really heavy bags of foood they bought and Miya got an idea. She said that if they did a froward movement with there bags it would make them go faster as the bags seemed lighter, but then they forgot about the precautions, which was that they as the bag started moving backwards, so did they. When I started to finally really get into the episode as they were talking about school, they then switched the topic back to school again. Yes, I’m still complaining about, I bet it’s annoying of me, so I’ll try and stop…maybe. Sae’s and Miya’s expression was priceless when they found out that Miya and Yuno had Yoshinoya as there teacher! The party ended when Yuno said that she needed to prepare for school the night before. I have never prepared myself the night before, those fifteen minutes I have in the morning before I have to catch the bus are good enough for me! Well, I guess life’s different when you live at the Hidamari Apartments; I really want to live there! In general, I really enjoyed this episode, I was just upset about the whole school thing and this didn’t really help, but the episode did give a lighter view to the situation. It was really funny and had a lot of great moments. I obviously enjoyed myself and I still am excited for more. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that in the manga Yuno got drunk in this episode, I wish they could have put that scene in the anime. It seems the next episode will be about the sports festival, which makes me already excited for it!



  1. Woah! Drunk Yuno? Me wants! ^_^

    I need to get my hands on the manga of this…

  2. @53RG10: I know!

    Why did I only found out that it had a manga yesterday? I really want to read it as well!

  3. That scene with bags was funny 🙂 They find some very interesting quirks in everyday life i n this anime 🙂

  4. @Kitsune: I love how they are able to do that. They can even make some of the most boring things in life interesting.

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