Posted by: lostty | August 23, 2008

Nogisaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 6

After the last episode which was disappointing, episode six needed to redeem the series for me and just as I hoped, it was a great episode! As I already knew, this episode is all about the summer Comiket! Ever since the beginning, the only thing I kept on thinking about was if this episode was simply going to be a copy of Lucky Star. I think it must have been episode 12 from the series or somewhere around there where the events that happened were very similar to this episode and of course Lucky Star did it better, but that’s simply expected. So, we start off the episode with Nobunaga given Yuuto a complete guide to Comiket, as much as Yuuto clearly didn’t care for it, I thought it was nice of his friend to have taken the time to do something like that. Although, the most important thing Nobunga told Yuuto was: “not to underestimate the Comiket!”, which sadly is exactly what Yuuto did. I was actually surprised that Shiina didn’t end up going to the comiket as well beause the first impression I got from her was that she was at least a moderate fan of anime as well considering the first time she met Yuuto was in Akihabara. Since she apparently isn’t an anime fan as well, then I deserve a legitimate answer for what she was actually doing there in the first place. Anyway, considering Yuuto completed neglected Nobunga’s words, he didn’t expect so many people to be there and to have to wait so long in line. Waiting in line always agonizing pain for me, I always ended up really impatient and then I start to wonder if it’s really worth the wait; it’s like having an argument with myself. Anywho, I actually found it so nice how Haruka was depicting otakus as very kind and civilized people, but not long after she said that people were starting to continuously trip her as she tried to get by. It’s obviously partially her fault only because she’s so clumsy, but it’s still sad to think that someone would actually push Haruka; that’s just evil!

When Yuuto suggests they hold hands just so they don’t get lost, it was kind of annoying, only because there was another one of those blushing fests, which have really started to get annoying. There was a certain thing that she wanted to get at Comiket, which was called something along the lines of the words “cat bus” and unlike last time when she went to Akihabara, she decided to get the thing she wants most so she it doesn’t end up sold out. Though, when she finds the dealers, she realizes there is another really long line to wait for and when she finally gets to the front, some random guy cut in line and bought the last copy! That is probably the most evil thing that can ever happen to anyone and it happened to her twice, it’s no wonder that she took as basically the end of the world! Also, it’s just funny because the background music also becomes intense to suite the mood. Though, as she walked away in disappointment some random guy came and gave her a free copy, Yuuto said that he looked familiar. Later you realize that it was just Nanami dressed in a costume, but who she was dressing as is still a mystery. The most entertaining part of this episode is probably being able to guess all the reference and I’m sure I missed plenty of them! Nobunaga really has annoying timing, not bad, just plain annoying. Luckily he didn’t rant for longer than a few minutes.

Haruka then decided to view the rest of what Comiket had to offer and one of the things she looked at randomly was yaoi, which she obviously didn’t know what to expect. Who else remembers this happening in Lucky Star already? Kagami picked up a yaoi manga and starting reading until she turned bright red and said it was too intense for her, which is what Haruka did exactly except for instead she ended up pitifully fainting. When she finally came to, they continued looking at things and came across the shana booth, that theme song is really going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day! As they continued to walk, I think Haruka saw something that was ecchi and ended up fainting once again, how innocent can she be? Although when she woke up again she was in the are where all the cosplayers were! In the midst of all the photographers taking pictures of peoples cosplays, they started to suddenly think Haruka was wearing a cosplay and a crowd formed around her. The climax was that the crows of photographers wouldn’t let her leave even when Yuuto tried to help her. Whatever happened to everyone being civilized? Though Hazuki came to save the day by impressing all the photographers with her Dokuro-chan cosplay! She was even singing the theme song and she had the chainsaw! Mika even cosplayed as Hecate from Shakugan no Shana. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that they used these two cosplays in particular, so when I did some searching. It ended up being that the voice actress for Haruka, Mamiko Noto, has voiced both those characters before, which is a nice touch.

Even though Yuuto ended up being useless, Haruka still called him a hero, which was so cute! Although, Yuuto started stuttering like always, which is another thing that’s starting to get annoying. It was so worth it though, for when they were hugging each other! I was so happy that they finally advanced on each other, it was the cutest moment of the episode! Yuuto was obviously very happy, but before he started walking back home, he ran into the maids and Mika. I can’t believe all three of them thought they were discreet, they couldn’t have been more obvious in my opinion. The important thing we learn from this scene is that someone, besides themselves, was obviously following them during the comiket. It was evidently either Haruka’s father or one of his little followers. At the very end of the episode, Haruka goes to Yuuto’s house in panic. They made it seem very intense, but it was another good scene from this episode. I enjoyed this episode a lot, compared to episode five, it was tons better. Not only was it amusing, but the plot did advance and there is now a story to go on from here. Also, having an episode filled with anime related references are fun! I definitely hope to see more episodes like this one because it was very entertaining and just well done. With an ending like this one, it leaves me excited for the next and I’m glad that the preview didn’t give too much of the story away.



  1. I loved this episode too after episode 5 I thought the entire series might crash and I’m glad it didn’t

  2. @Christina: I agree. It’s good to know that the series was able to pick itself up and get better.

  3. I actually thought it was a pretty weak episode as they did the same thing they did previous episodes {like blushing and such} but at Comiket.

    But the last scene redeemed it! Plot finally moves forward! ^_^

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