Posted by: lostty | August 21, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 6

I absolutely loved this episode! This series is definitely staying strong as the best of the season! Well, the introduction to the episode was that Natsume was with his friends going by a dam, which used to be a village. As Natsume was viewing the dam area, he noticed a figure waving for help by a damaged house. Soon enough, he realized that the figure was a spirit, but before he had any chance to do anything he ended up fainting. When Natsume wakes up later in his room, as per usual he had many spirits awaiting for there names backs, but naturally, Natsume told them to come back later. I absolutely loved the comment Nyanko made towards Natsume by calling him a complete wimp for fainting. Later on, after returning the names to all the spirits, Nyanko told Natsume that he was possessed, which is why he ended up fainting. At first I expected the episode to revolve around the fact that Natsume was possessed, but seconds later, Nyanko said that he would do an exorcism, which is simply by hitting himself right into Natsume. It was a weird method, but obviously effective because the spirit did leave, but before it tried to possess him again, he ended up punching it because he was evidently pissed off.

The spirit, who was a girl, ended up telling him that she had no other way to escape the dam and that she was sorry, of course Natsume wasn’t all that forgiven. She was asking for his help so that she would be able to see someone who she needed to see before she decided to pass on. Obviously, the most effective way for a spirit to persuade Natsume to do something for them, is simply by following him everywhere he went, which is exactly what she did and it worked. I don’t blame Natsume for agreeing to help her, I would get pretty annoyed having someone stare over my shoulder all the time. On his way home from school, She ended up explaining that she used to be a bird who couldn’t fly and when she fell from her nest one day a human picked her up and put her back into the nest , though after that, her parents thought she smelt too much like humans and they ended up abandoning her with all her siblings as well. After her family all died, she became a demon, but a man still ended up feeding her everyday. As she told this story, she asked Natsume to hold her hand, which he actually did! It was absolutely adorable, though Nyanko ruined the moment. It’s almost hilarious how obvious that Nyanko disliked her.

The problem was that when Natsume actually found the address of the man and brought her there, the man wasn’t even able to notice her presence. She ended up telling Natsume how happy she was to finally the man, but  Natsume ended up feeling guilty and still wanted to help even though she was very satisfied already. He mentions a lot how he really grows attached to the spirit, which is just so cute! This episode could basically pass as something of a romance, although all the spirits and cats always around doesn’t really help achieve that mood. Natsume then gets told by a spirit that there is a Futaba Festival and its main event was that there is a contest to catch a yukata and if you do then the spirit could be human for a night. Natsume jumped to this opportunity and ended up following the spirit to the festival only to discover that he had been tricked. The spirit intended to basically eat him, but as per usual Nyanko ended up saving him. If only Natsume didn’t give the spirit his name back because then he could have bossed it around! Although, Natsume has said before that he dislikes that method, but I’,m still hoping he tries it anyway. Nyanko definitely beat that spirit, especially when he told it that only he can eat Natsume because they have that type of compromise, Natsume obviously disagreed.

He actually ended up getting the Yukata, which he gave to her, she was so excited, but her powers were so weak that she couldn’t even speak in human form. Nonetheless, before she put the yukata on, she actually hugged Natsume! It was such a great moment and it made me feel all happy inside! The next day when Natsume went to see the man she wanted to be around with so often, he ended up telling Natsume that he did meet her and she was very kind. As the man showed Natsume the picture, he actually cried! I was almost going to cry myself, only because Natsume is just such a kind guy that really cares for others. I honestly wouldn’t even know where to begin with why I liked this episode so much. A twenty minute episode was able to tell such a story that had so much depth, that it could have honestly been a movie. Whenever I watch this series, the time just seems to fly by because I become so absorbed by the story.  The one thing that I think they should probably have more of in this series is evil spirits. There is maybe one every few episodes and they never play that big of a role, so I’d like to see more of them as this series continues. Anyway, the main character for this series is just so likable in every way. By each passing episode, you almost learn a whole new side to him. I really hope this series continues to impress me as it is now.



  1. never heard about this anime before
    But it looks like a good anime

  2. It’s really great and it’s definitely worth watching!

  3. I like the OP of this anime, it’s very relaxing. My favorite episode out of the first six is this one.

  4. @frog212: The opening is very nice, it sets the mood for the show very well. I’m not entirely sure on this yet, but this was probably my favourite episode as well.

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