Posted by: lostty | August 19, 2008

Hidamari Sketch x365 episode 6

Just as the last episode, this episode focused mostly on Sae and as I mentioned before, Sae doesn’t really interest me that much. Sae, who is a fiction writer, was planning on meeting her editor to discuss the ideas she has for a new book. Before going to see the editor, she first had to make the plan for the book, which is when we meet Natsume. Although I have started to watch the first season, Natsume is still a character that I am unfamiliar with, though she doesn’t seem to be particularly important. From what I understand, I think she’s something of a rival to Sae, for whatever reason, I don’t know. When Sae finally meets her editor, she mentions how she wants to write a love story, her editor was surprised, but she nonetheless excepted the idea. Although, Sae’s editor did make her nervous because she mentioned that all love stories are unique because they are always based on one’s own experience, which of course would be nerve racking for Sae because her love life doesn’t have much to even begin with. Also, during all this time, Sae is expected to phone her sister Chika, to at least wish her good luck on the fact she has decided to attend summer school to help her prepare for important upcoming exams. Personally, exams or not, I would never go to summer school voluntarily, not unless I had to.

Considering Sae had no experience in love, she decided to ask her friends about some of their experience. This was probably my favourite scene from the first half of the episode because it was really funny. To begin with, I believe everyone was in Yuno’s room and if you paid attention on the floor by her table there was a Gurren Lagann doll! It was actually pretty distracting because the character kept on changing; at first it was Yoko, then Nia and after that, I wasn’t too sure because it became hard to tell. The other part in this scene that I found was very amusing was when Yuno was asked about her love life and all she could come up with was that she did love her cat and her father. As you can see, none of them had much they could really say about their own love lives. Besides that scene though, I found this half of the episode to be in general, relatively boring, but it did have its moments.

The second half was basically only about food, although most of this series does revolve around food anyway. As a cooking class (I think?), Hiro is baking “cream puffs”. I honestly had no idea to what cream puffs were, but I got a pretty good idea, especially when Miyako was so excited to eat them that she was drooling and imagining Hiro’s hair as food. When the class started to cook, Hiro instantly became the star in being able to do everything so well. As for Sae, she was having some difficulties. I thought it was really cute after Sae put them in the oven and she just started staring at them as they cooked, whenever I  bake (which is not often), I still almost always watch the oven in hopes to see the dessert rise, though with the short attention span that I have, I never sit there long enough to actually see anything happen. Hiro’s cream puffs ended up being so good that the teacher thought of them as heavenly, Hiro even made her own additions to the recipe to make it even better.I found it so hilarious when later Hiro gave some of them to her friends and Miyako ended stuffing the food and her hands all into her mouth.

Naturally, no episode would be complete without Yoshinoya and this time, she got “inspired” by the cooking class and decided to wear only an apron with her bathing suit underneath. Yoshinoya never fails to disappoint me! In the episode, we also see Natsume again, I didn’t quite understand the scene because for some reason she got embarrassed for buying manga or something like that… Anyway, once again the episode continues to makes its viewers hungry after they all decided to eat chocolate, which is truly evil. Also, sae has the cutest moment I have seen her yet in, which is when she fell asleep while writing and then Hiro put Sae’s coat over her. I was impressed that Miyako was able to name the constellations because if I’m lucky, I can spot out and name two at most. Although, she did mention it was because she had experience in the whole astronomy type of thing. In all, I liked this half more than the first, but the episode as a whole was pretty weak. It was probably my least favourite episode so far, only because there wasn’t really anything that really struck as interesting to me. The preview for the next episode makes it seem like it’s going to be really random. Well, this series is always random, but what I mean is more random than normal, in the sense that I can usually get an idea to what the episode may at least be like, but I don’t even have a single clue at all, which makes it even more exciting!



  1. Yoshinoya is such an eccentric 😛

    Yup, that scene where Hiro put Sae’s coat over her was cute 🙂

    There will be more food and surprise guest in the next episode 🙂

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  3. …we also see Natsume again, I didn’t quite understand the scene because for some reason she got embarrassed for buying manga or something like that…

    You said Natsume was Sae’s rival…a title she gave herself…but secretly she’s a huge fan of Aya Tachibana, Sae’s pen name, who writes in that manga!! She got embarrassed because a friend of Sae saw her buy it! ^_^

    I don’t remember if her ‘fascination’ was shown in the anime…I just kinda deducted it! ^_^’ {I haven’t read the manga…}

  4. @53RG10: Well that makes sense of things. Thanks for clearing that up for me 😀

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