Posted by: lostty | August 17, 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episodes 4 + 5 (catch-up)

I’m almost done with catching up on all my blogged series, yay! Anyway, episode four actually kind of disappointed me and what surprised me after reading what other people said about this episode was that they mostly all seemed to really like it. The first thing that upset me was that after the last episode’s ending where Haruka confessed to being the otaku, this episode had absolutely no mention of it. So, it seems that we won’t be able to find out if the students at the school actually cared or if they just completely forgot about it.

Though, in general the only reason why I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as others was because it was simply boring. It did have certain moments that struck an interest for me, but it never really kept my attention for very long. The whole purpose of this episode was to find out what Hazuki was doing because Haruka, her sister Mika and another maid Nanami, all thought that she was acting strange lately. So, they all decided to follow her around on her day off, but of course Yuuto got dragged along to help. It was actually kind of cute to see Haruka wearing the shana cosplay while she was repeating quotes from the character, she was wearing that as a sort of spy outfit right? One of the funniest moments was when Yuuto’s friend Nobunaga noticed him while everyone else was trying to keep quiet and starting continuously talking. To get him to leave Nanami tricked him into thinking Ueda, a voice actress, was right across the street. Nanami then randomly just said the word “hello”, which convinced him that she must be there, the whole point of the joke was that Nanami’s character is voiced by Ueda Kana; so I thought that was pretty clever. The rest was pretty boring until they got to the wedding shop where they think Hazuki went in, which gave them the idea that she was getting married, but by accident they were mistaken for another couple and were basically forced to put on bride and groom outfits. After the workers discovered the mistake they still let the two have a picture together, which Yuuto completely ruined, but it still ended up cute. The ending was obvious in the sense that we were all pretty much just waiting to hear Hazuki explain the reality of the story that everyone took into different contexts, it ended up being quite ridiculous. I can’t help but find the maids with chainsaws very funny!

In episode five, Yuuto ends up bumping into Shiina for the third time on his way to school only to find out that she is also attending the same school as him. So, from what I understand, all the characters are now introduced, which means that the love triangle has finally began! Of course Haruka has to win in the end, if she doesn’t I will definitely be upset. At first, I didn’t see how it could really work considering Haruka is just so nice she couldn’t possibly compete for her man, but by the end it did seem that she was a bit jealous. Although, no matter who he ends up with anyway, I don’t really think I can even believe there relationship because throughout these episodes, all I can think about is how much I dislike Yuuto. Not only is he just plain ugly, but more importantly, I simply really dislike his personality. Also, the whole deal about Haruka confessing to be an otaku to teh school has really been forgotten, since once again it wasn’t mentioned. It turns out that Shiina ends up being amazing at everything just like Haruka, except for one thing; swimming.

With a series like this, the swimming episode was bound to happen soon whether I wanted it or not, but even if I expected it to come I was still upset over it. Anyway, so considering she sucks at swimming she asked Haruka and Yuuto to give her some help. Though, while they helped her at their school pool, every other character decided to appear and make the whole practice for Shiina a lot more difficult. On the day of the competition, Shiina got nervous, but Yuuto ended up comforting her. Although, when she actually started the competition her leg started to cramp, but the un-sexy Yuuto saved her. She was then brought to the nurses office, where Yuuto obviously came to visit at the worse possible timing; when she was taking her swimsuit off. These perverted incidents seem to be happening more frequently to Yuuto, which is obviously annoying for me, but the fanservice isn’t as bad as it could be. On a better note I was so happy to hear that in the next episode Haruka’s going to draw another map for Yuuto! The series has become a lot more disappointing for me, the past two episodes have either been too boring or stupid. Luckily, the next episode they’re going to go to the comiket, which sounds like it can be very amusing. So hopefully the series will be able to redeem itself because it has a chance at being good.



  1. I’m one of the people that loved episode 4 when it aired, but it’s probably the most boring episode so far. It had a lot of random cute moments, but it was pretty weak. It remains memorable purely for the Yuuto and Haruka wedding picture (which was awesome). I’ve rewatched just that part of the episode since.

    And episode 5 was pretty meh for being the first really fanservice-y episode of the series and for introducing Shiina who seems to be even less original than the other stereotypical characters.

  2. @FuyuMaiden: I agree with everything you mentioned. If it wasn’t for the wedding photo I definitely would have disliked the episode even more than I already did. They should add more of the shy but cute love moments in the series! Shiina doesn’t interest me much either. As for episode 5, as you said, there isn’t much more to say besides that it was a fanservice episode and nothing more.

  3. This series has been the same so far, with Yuuto and Haruka falling in love with each other every episode. It was getting a little stale, but luckily there’s some other developments happening, like Shiina and the last scene of ep 06.

    And I too wondered why the school didn’t react to Haruka’s ‘confession’. If anything, there should’ve at least been some rumors about Haruka and “otaku” Yuuto hanging out with each other…

  4. @53RG10: Well, at least that makes me excited for episode 6.
    After thinking about it now, I thought of two possibilities that may clear up the whole “confession” thing. Perhaps the only person who really understood what she said was the guy who kept on annoying Yuuto about hanging out with Haruka and he obviously wouldn’t tell anyone else about it in fear that Haruka would hurt him again (possibly?). My other idea was that the writers simply thought they could get away with disregarding the whole thing and pretending it never really happened. Though, in all, as you mentioned, the students at the school should have at least mentioned something!

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