Posted by: lostty | August 15, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episodes 4 + 5 (catch-up)

I really loved episode four, it was absolutely amazing! Thinking back on it, I can’t even think of a specific reason to why I liked it so much, but this series really has done nothing but impress me, which is why I am officially declaring that this is my favourite of the season! So, in this episode Natsume had to attend the “Trial of Courage”, which he said he would sign up for about an episode ago, but we he gets there with the other participants they all start to disappear suddenly. Luckily, Nyanko decided to tag along as well just for the amusement because it’s pretty obvious he doesn’t really care for Natsume’s well being that much. Sasada, who was the one who organized the event, ends up being stuck with Natsume because they are the only two that don’t disappear, well at least before Nyanko decides to transform into a female student for an easier way to maneuver himself around the place. Sasada becomes aware that Natsume can see spirits, but from what I understood, in the end she ends up believing otherwise after he said he can’t. The spirit that caused all the havoc ended up being a spirit that Sasada saw a long time ago. I found it absolutely hilarious that even though she saw a guy with a weird bucket thing over his head in an abandoned area that she only started to believe he may have been a ghost when he said he was “unholy”; how naive can she be. I was actually a bit disappointed that Natsume didn’t end up bossing around the spirit, instead he gave him back his name like he’s done in every other episode. With such a good story and a great soundtrack, I really hope this series tries to take a different root soon, so we can see something new. Although, either way, I was entirely satisfied with this episode.

Even though episode five wasn’t as good as the last one, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and with a series like this an okay episode is still amazing compared to other series. I don’t think I even mentioned yet how much I love the pace of this series, it has a very calm and slow feel to it, but it still manages to be fast enough that not everything is rushed within the last minutes. In this story Natsume decides to look through Reika’s old things only to find an old train ticket, after actually going to look for the station specified on the ticket, he finds Santo. Santo is a big fluffy spirit who was waiting for an awfully long time for Reika who said she would take the train with him so that they could go visit his friend Mikuri who he got in a fight with so he could apologize. I didn’t understand why Natsume was so upset when Santo repeatedly hugged him, I mean Santo is so cute! Anyway, Natsume decided to help Santo find Mikuri, but when they got there, they obviously weren’t very welcomed and a fight broke loose. It was so sweet though that in the end Santo and Mikuri ended up back as friends, that must be an unusual relationship? I find it interesting that in situations where Natsume is in danger Nyanko helps him out because if he really longs the book of friends he should just let him die, although then we wouldn’t really have much of a series left. Anyway, it’s evident that Nyanko has other plans in mind besides the book of friends… I also like how Natsume is making an effort in being friends with Tanuma who basically may be the only one who really understands him, I hope they become great friends because nobody likes a sad main character! I look forward to watching the next episode, which looks very interesting!



  1. This is my favorite of the season to!

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