Posted by: lostty | August 13, 2008

Hidamari Sketch x365 episodes 4 + 5 (catch-up)

This series continues to only get better and better by each episode. I like how it continues to keep its uniqueness that I have grown so found of. Not only is the animation different with what you usually see, but also just the story in general, which has many ideas that just haven’t been done yet. So, the first half of episode four, it was about Miyako finding a cat in her apartment that seemed to be stray.I liked this half more, but that may only be because before seeing this episode I watched about 20 episodes of Chi’s Sweet Home in a row, so cats were the only thing I really had on my mind. Some of my favourite scenes were when Hiro got overly frightened by the fat cat especially when she was trying to sleep only to find out that it has an abnormally loud snore (or better said, that it had a snore in general), which of course didn’t wake Miyako up. The other scene which was really funny was when Miyako mentioned how the cat should get new food because both of them have been eating the same thing for a week, which really worried everyone else because that would mean that Miyako was eating cat food. The second half was mainly just about Yuno trying to get inspiration for her piece that she needs to do for the upcoming art exhibition. It wasn’t that interested, but it had a very cute ending.

Episode five was another fairly good episode. This time it revolved around Sae’s sister Chika the most. I’m not really a Sae fan, but I do like Chika who is a very nice character to watch. Naturally, we start off the episode with food, dumplings to be specific. They are always eating in this series, it really makes me feel hungry at times, especially when they have cookies or cake. I honestly don’t blame Chika at all for really wanting to live at the Hidamar hotel, I know I would want to live there as well! Not much really happened besides a lot of talking, which is fine by me. I found it cute how they mentioned that even though they live right across the street from the school they still only barely get there in time. Yet, of course, my favourite scene in this episode has got to be the one with Yoshinoya! It was too great when you got to see her with the Mona-Lisa that was a Yoshinoya version! Though, the even better scene was when we got to see her singing in the bath. She is definitely still my favourite character! She should definitely get a bigger role in the series, at least she’s for the most part basically in every episode. I can’t wait to see more!



  1. Yup, another two nice episodes 🙂

    Indeed, Mona Lisa and singing scenes were great!

  2. Yoshinoya truly is the best! 😀

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