Posted by: lostty | July 29, 2008

Otakuthon ’08 ~Part 2~

The Cosplay!

I actually think that more people were in costume than not. So, I was able to take a lot of pictures! For the most part, there were mostly people dressing up as characters from Bleach, Naruto and Death Note. Though, that was obviously expected… I decided to put up some of my favourites that were really well done, so enjoy! 🙂

He actually told me that the whole outfit was handmade from the helmet to the gun, it really looks great!

I loved his Ikuto outfit! Sadly, I didn’t see anyone else as a character from Shugo Chara!, which actually came as a big surprise to me!

Many of the people were wearing “free hugs” sign, which was really cute! This person had an amazing outfit, they even had a great bark that sounded so realistic!

They were actually “No Face” from “Spirited Away”!!!!! The picture got blurry, but the mask had all the same details!

This one just looked so amazing! The person to the left was actually dressed as a character from Star Wars, he seemed a bit out of place…

All the Ouran characters together!

This Ryuuk was amazing! They actually looked really creepy!

and a few more…..


At one point people started spontaneously dancing the Caramel Dancen dance, which was also fun!



  1. When my friend and I arrived, we felt sort of out of place because we weren’t cosplaying. Probably 95% of the attendees were in cosplay after all =/

    I was really surprised when I saw that Ikuto. Totally unexpected. The man-Chibi-usa totally disturbed my friend (completely unused to guys able to do that) XD

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  4. @saimaisama: I actually expected to see less people cosplaying than I did, so I was surprised as well. My friends were a bit disturbed at first by the crossplaying, but they were okay with it after a couple of hours because they saw that so many people were crossplaying! I was a bit nervous to ask him for a photo, but when I did he was really nice about it and actually excited 🙂

  5. The OHSHC cosplayers look really good! but theres no haruhi! I love the Umehito costume!!!!

  6. @kawaiidesu: I noticed that myself. The Umehito cosplay was really well done, they even had the puppet!

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