Posted by: lostty | July 13, 2008

Hidamari Sketch x365 episode 2

Before I actually say anything about this episode, I just wanted to say that I have officially stopped blogging Special A because it was simply too bad a series and was boring to write about. I’ll probably still watch it freely, so you can expect a series review when it’s done, but besides that I don’t want to blog it anymore… I wanted to blog this series only because it seemed so intriguing, I love the slice of life genre, so I was right on board for this series. Having not watched the first season hasn’t become much of a problem yet as I easily caught up with the main plot and through both of the episodes that I have seen, I like it so far. From the last episode, this episode goes into the future or present time, so everybody is pretty used to there living spaces already. Well, there isn’t much to say about the plot itself, but a few main points would be that the first half involved Yoshinoya, the homeroom teacher, thinking all about valentines day even though it seemed like nobody else really cared. She is such a cute character and I really couldn’t describe how adorable she was when she got upset at the principal! She refused to give him any chocolates, but was later convinced otherwise. Meanwhile, everyone else was texting during class about Sae’s sister and her administration, the whole texting back and forward thing went on for a while, but was still rather entertaining for me. The second half was mainly just about food, which is always a necessity for anything slice of life series to cover. In all, it was a whole lot of cute characters talking about absolutely nothing important, which is just the way it should be!

I love the concept of having all the main characters in one apartment, but in separate dorms. It leaves so many plot possibilities, it even works in a sense with the characters personalities because the way they live can show a lot. As per usual, the characters are all completely different from each other and as per usual, it makes a perfect match! The main character, Yuno doesn’t really interest me as much as the rest of the characters only because she is more of the type of person who seems more indifferent about everything, but it’s hard to say for sure after only seeing two episodes. I also really like the animation style, which works well with the atmosphere of the series that seems to be pretty light-headed. I found this episode to be funnier than the last one because unlike last time I was actually laughing out loud at times. Getting in the Hidamari Sketch mood also helped with the enjoyment of this episode. I can’t wait for the next episode to see what else this series has to offer!



  1. Indeed, Yoshinoya is cute 🙂

    “In all, it was a whole lot of cute characters talking about absolutely nothing important, which is just the way it should be!”

    Oh yeah! That is one of the reasons I like it so much 🙂

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  3. Hidamari Sketch’s episodes are anachronistically ordered…big word for “out of order”…so I think it doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen the first season to enjoy this one…but it’s highly recommended that you do!! ^_^

  4. I’ve already downloaded the first few episodes 🙂

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