Posted by: lostty | July 10, 2008

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto -Natsu no Sora- and World Destruction ~First Impressions~

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto -Natsu no Sora-

So hard to choose which screenshot to use!

This series has such a long name! I am not sure if I will be blogging this for sure, but if I do I will need to find a way to shorten it somehow. I haven’t seen the first season, but I was told that it’s basically a completely different series all together with it, so it doesn’t really matter whether you did or didn’t. Anyway, I have already read a few volumes of the manga, so I know a bit about the series. I actually really liked the first episode, it felt very unique and was definitely interesting to watch. The first thing I’m pretty sure that almost everyone noticed was that the animation is very different with what we normally see. It seems the animators took real images and then added animation on top of it, the result is that it looks really good. At times I felt there was a little too much of a contrast, but for the most part I liked it. I can tell that this series will be a slow moving show, but I don’t really mind because I like it when you can just sit back and relax while enjoying an episode. I am excited to see if this series will continue to entertain, I have high hopes and I hope this series manages to reach them. In all, I would suggest you get around to watching this, if you liked the first episode I’m going to assume that the second will be enjoyable as well.

World Destruction


I was a bit mislead by the title, when they say “World Destruction” it isn’t in the sense of the world is already on the brink of the destruction (like I thought), it is that one of the characters literally plans to destroy the world. The first episode had a few okay moments, but I didn’t really like it that much. The animation is pretty good, but when it comes to the quality of the humans and the animals; the humans definitely look better. All the animal characters really just changed the shows feel and gives it a more immature atmosphere. I couldn’t help but laugh at the weird cats singing or chanting (whatever it was). I think that throughout the series, I’m definitely going to enjoy the human characters more. The story itself is interesting and I am curious to see where the creators plan on taking it. It was an alright episode, I’ll probably watch the series till the end, but it’s definitely not one of the new series that seems very promising. Well, at least the opening is good!




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