Posted by: lostty | July 7, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 13 (finale) + Final Impression

So, the first season of Vampire Knight has finally come to an end, but a second season is already on the way. This was a weird episode to me, it combined chapters that were roughly 20-22, but then all of a sudden they stuck in an important scene from chapter 30. Well, I hope in the second season they won’t just skip all the chapters in between. It didn’t really feel like a finale episode to me because nothing really intense happened. For the first half of the episode all we saw was Ichiru having his own little moment about why he loved Shizuka so much. I’m almost certain that he wasn’t as obsessed over Shizuka as he was in the manga. Though, I guess it adds depth to his character, but I doubt anyone likes him anyway. Zero is on the brink of falling to level E, so his teacher guy keeps in some ugly dungeon or basement place. Throughout the whole episode I couldn’t help but wonder where Zero’s sexiness had gone? He just seemed way to out of character and not really likable. Having Zero absolutely hopeless just doesn’t suite him. On the other hand, Kaname seemed better than usual, it really is an odd phenomenon. Shiki and Rima got one of those 5 second appearance where they appear in there classroom only to find that nobody came. I highly doubt that would ever happen, especially because Shiki would be one of the people who wouldn’t attend at the chance, I guess Rima might have dragged him to it though. I wonder what the teacher must have thought when he came to the classroom only to find that two people were there?

Thinking about it now, Yuki didn’t really play an important role at all in this episode.Sure, there was a few times with her worrying over zero, but besides that it was mostly about everyone else. It bothers me a bit that Yuki never seems to take initiative over the situations. She ends up asking everyone where he might be, but she never tries to actually look for him. Bringing in Zero’s old teacher guy really ruins almost every scene with anyone else in it. It seems that Zero falling to level E is everyone’s affair in the anime, but I preferred much more in the manga when it seemed more between Yuki and him. Zero Zero now drank the blood of a pure blood, but it loses something about it when everyone is going to know about it. Well, Yuki probably wouldn’t because she’s too naive to notice anything. The scene between Zero and Kaname felt all wrong for me. Ya, I’m not going to deny that it was a bit hot, but in the manga it was one of the bestest of scenes. Zero wasn’t all chained up and loser looking and before it all went down he was fighting Kaname and he put his gun to Kaname’s neck and everything stayed in that position even while Zero bit Kaname *goes off into own little dream world*. Anyway, that scene could have just been so much better!The first season ended in a way that you know there is a second season coming. The ending theme was also changed a bit, which I liked quite a bit. I’m relatively excited for the second season, it’ll be interesting to see what the creators will do with the story.

Final Impressions

It really is a shame this didn’t turn out that good for me, it had so much going for it. The story is beyond just fantastic and so many things could be done with it. The characters are some of the best ones out there, but the way the anime portrayed them all as felt different in the bad way. It also was a plus that all the characters are simply gorgeous, but not even that was accomplished at its fullest because of the poor animation quality. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound like an annoying fan who can only tolerate the manga, but the series could have just been so much better. I actually really liked the series in the beginning, I remember even thinking that it was a great adaptation, but roughly after episode 6 or 7, it just went downhill. The animation just got worse by every episode and the characters seemed to have even lost something. I don’t know how to explain what happened. Though, as a plosive throughout the whole series one thing that I always liked a lot was the soundtrack. Nevertheless, this series still managed to keep me entertained the whole time and I’m going to watch the second season. Though, I’d probably recommend people to read the manga instead, unless the second season makes some drastic changes, which I highly doubt will happen. I’ve seen way worse series before and it seems like many people love this anime, I’m sure it would have been more enjoyable if I hadn’t read the manga first, so it’s kind of hard to give a view on whether it’s worth seeing or not. I guess the easy way out is that if this seems to interest you, watch it!



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  4. when is the next season coming?

  5. in the October anime season

  6. I wotched season 1 and it was very itresting, i love vampire knight, some sceans are even funny.
    I wont to know when season two will came online, because i can’t wait to see that. Of all the characters i like very much Kaname Kuru, and meaby just like Zero.
    I can’t wait to see what will happend to Zero, Kaname and Yuuki, because i readed online that Kaname wonts to turn Yuuki to a vampire so she can be with him for ever, i i don’t know what Zero wonted, because i havent readed about this.
    I like is well that song what is in the start on that show “Futatsu no kodou to akai tsumi”.
    Ha…i did one quiz(who is your perfect boyfrend from vampire knight?) and gues what…it torns out it’s Kaname Kuru yeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!.
    Ithink that Yuuki is more in love with Kaname then in Zero because i see the way she is looing at Kaname and the way she is looking at Zero, but she cen’t sey to Kaname because she promised herself that she will protect Zero because i tkink that there are like brother and sister.

    • vampire night is one of my all time favorites!

  7. @daniela: As I mentioned, season 2 is coming out this October, so it will be online soon after its release date. I’ve already read all the chapters that are out for the manga, but I am somewhat excited for the new season as well. I also really like the opening song, On/Off are great band! Though, I myself prefer the ending song “Still Doll”. As much as Yuki shows more admiration towards Kaname, I still think she should end up with Zero. They just seem like a better match for me 🙂 But right now it’s hard to tell who she wants more.

  8. i watched this series because i was bored one night, never did i think it would catch me the way it did. though i dont really trust kaname, i still have a desire for him and yuuki to be together, isnt that strange. oh well im really anticipating the second season which i hope will better clear up some confusion left.

  9. @suki: Knowing the manga well, the second season is bound to clear up a lot. I hope it manages to be better than the first season

  10. I totally agree that the anime could have been alot better.I like the manga as well.It puts more..oomf..into the story.And the anime doesn’t really do that.But of course I’m going to watch it because I’m a fan of Matsuri Hino’s art work and i’ll do what I can to support her,so she’ll make more mangas and anime. :3

    • i dont agree…i thought it was genius!

  11. @VampirePrincessKairi: It’s nice to know someone agrees with me 🙂 Just as you though, I’m going to end up watching the second season as well and who knows, maybe it will get better.

  12. daniela:”Ha…i did one quiz(who is your perfect boyfrend from vampire knight?) and gues what…it torns out it’s Kaname Kuru yeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!.

    dude, those quizzes make it obvious which answer to choose in order to get the guy u like.

    that doesn’t have anything to do with anything.

  13. when in October will we be able to view the new season?

  14. @unknown: The air date of the series in Japan is October 6th and if you are awaiting subs, well that will be a few days later form that date.

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