Posted by: lostty | June 24, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 10


In this episode, we get a treat of Zero x Yuki moments, Yuki x Maria moments and even Zero x Ichiru moments. There really seems to be something for everyone in this series. Zero and Ichiru in the bed together as kids was pretty funny and I’m sure almost everyone was thinking something or another about it. For some reason that scene seemed more like a brother complex in the anime than it did in the manga and trust me, it wasn’t that different in the manga at all. The premise of the episode was that exams were coming and Yuki is a complete idiot so she is worrying about failing, which would make the class president very angry. It’s no surprise she’s stupid of course. Zero ends up finding Maria who is confirmed to be Shizuka Hio. Also, we have the introduction to Ichiru, as I’ve already mentioned is Zero’s brother. I loved how the first thing Zero mentioned to Ichiru was “I thought you were dead”, I can only imagine Ichiru saying “I love you too”, but he of course didn’t. Wearing a little mask on your face is really obvious in my eyes, so I wonder why Ichiru would even wear it to begin with because as we all know, it definitely doesn’t hide his identity, nor does it make Ichiru look any less of a loser.

I found it so lame when Zero said out loud to Maria that he knew she was really Shizuka.  It was pretty anti-climactic because everyone basically knew for the past two episodes. I personally still like Maria and not only because she gets an awesome theme song, she also is one of the less annoying characters in the show. I find that the characters that they don’t go all in dept about end up being the best, for example…Shiki! It’s pretty obvious where this season is going to end and I’m pretty excited for the finale because it was one of the chapters from the manga that I was most anticipated for it to be animated. I was so confused for quite a while to how long this series would be, at first they said it was going to be 13 episodes, then they said 26 and now it’s back to 13, but it is confirmed that a second season will air this fall season, so it doesn’t really make that big of a difference to how long it is going to be. Anyway, so the animation for this episode wasn’t that bad, although there was still a lot of weird facial expressions here and there. This time, it wasn’t as much as Zero as it was Yuki. Her expression would change really quickly and for the most part it looked very awkward. Hopefully, the next episode will be good. If we’re lucky, maybe there will be less yaoi moments because this series is dangerously on edge of becoming one.



  1. I have never watched vampire knight but it sounds realy cool! I got here by searching PRINCESS ANIME but if this website is about anime princesses don’t forget to add sailor moon (it was the first anime i ever saw so i gave it from 1-10 a 8 because i’ve seen way more now and well i figured i have diffrent favorites now but sailor moon is still good to!!!

  2. Good review 🙂

    Now I know what to expect 😀

  3. love

  4. i love

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