Posted by: lostty | June 22, 2008

Tower of Druaga – the Aegis of Uruk ~Review~

Well, the series has definitely came a long way since the first episode! My original thoughts about the series was just disappointment because I expected a series that was only jokes; keep in my mind that’s only after seeing one episode. Afterward, the series changed for the better and I’m here to give it a positive review. This was definitely not the best of the season, but it held my attention till the very end, which automatically gives it some points. It had a strong storyline that had many possibilities. The only story it really had was a bunch of people racing to get to the top of a tower, though through that they manged to make a 12 episode series with more depth than expected. It was easy to tell that the series was a video game adaptation, but they made it so obvious that it became fun and entertaining. At times it even seemed like each of the episodes were like levels that you would have played in the game. In the end, it managed to make itself serious, but throughout the rest of the series it was pretty much a comedy with a few action scenes here and there. That was something that I originally didn’t like about this series, but it ended up being one of its qualities because some of the episodes were just really funny!


One of the things that I enjoyed most in this series were the characters. All the characters were really enjoyable and very distinct. Jil was the perfect hero because as always he started out as the lowest of the low but then became someone who everyone looked up to. His team was definitely some of the most interesting pack of people ever, which of course makes a great combination! Considering they all had completely different personalities they all stood out in different ways, for the positive. Even the people who you were expected to not like were at least well thought of and all had some sort of story to them, even if at times it was just because they were plain old evil. My personal favourite character was Coopa; she’s just too cute! The opening is also good and we all know that you should always judge an anime by its opening; the ending theme is a different story…

The series also has relatively good animation. I would consider it along the side with better animation than not. The CG effects used were also good because they were somewhat subtle; unlike a certain Blassreiter I know, which ended up being the only anime I dropped this season. In all, there isn’t much to say about the series, it didn’t exactly end properly only because it’s going to have a second season. I’m glad about the second season because it gives us a chance to explore new characters and a whole new tower! The series was a lot better than I could have expected! I would recommend the series to anyone who likes the action and comedy type genre. It’s worth seeing, I know I’m right on board for the second season!



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  2. If it will have a second season I guess I should watch it 😛

  3. As opposed to destroying the source material to create a stereotypical happy ending?

    That said, Druaga isn’t an adaptation, but I’d rather have plot elements resolved eventually rather than never.

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