Posted by: lostty | June 21, 2008

Kurenai episodes 9 + 10 (catch-up)

Wow, episode 9 was simply amazing! It was really intense and considering this must have only been a build up episode I can’t image how the finale is going to be! There was even a kiss in the episode, which seemed a bit weird with the age difference, but was still extremely cute and sentimental. Though, this was also an extremely depressing episode that barely gave you a breather to take in what everything was going on. A new thing I felt that made this series just so much more awesome was the way the emotions were expressed. I don’t know when was the last time I felt this way towards characters in an anime. It seemed very life like; when everything was happening it really seemed that you were just there, watching it all. I have a feeling the series isn’t going to get much happier from here! I think that at times I was almost on the brink of tears, especially near the end when Kurenai was pretty much ambushed. They even hurt the neighbors and they had absolutely nothing to do with it, though it was interesting to see that Tamaki tried to defend herself even though she failed because those guys were strong! I was wondering why Kurenai didn’t use his sword weapon thing when he was trying to defend Murasaki. My theory would be that he felt like he would want to defend her on his own without the help from anything else because he believed he could be strong. Anyway, this was another outstanding episode that just left me anticipating for more, this is definitely in the running of becoming my favourite of the season!

Episode 10 was really good as well, though it wasn’t as entertaining. In a series, it was sort of the eye of the storm type episode because it felt very quiet, but you know that it’s going to become extremely intense within moments. I still managed to enjoy myself even if not much happened. This episode may have been even more depressing than the last, Kurenai was really sad the whole time because Murasaki left. We were able to notice her impact on his life and how he feels incomplete without her. Even though I knew when they told him to just move on to a new case because he failed his last one that it wasn’t actually going to happen, I was still so shocked. How could anyone just forget about that experience and just move on, it must be a pretty tough job. Murasaki is back with her family and she was so sad, which is so hard to take because she is just too cute. There actually was some moments in the episodes where they had a joke or two, but I just couldn’t laugh because I was still trying to take in everything that was happening. So, this was a good episode if not one of the best, there were times where it felt a little slow, but in general it still held up with the rest of the series. The next episode looks so good because I can tell that there will definitely be some action so I’m really excited to see what happens. I can’t believe this series is going to end in 2 episodes!!!

Nose is pointy!


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