Posted by: lostty | June 19, 2008

Special A episode 8

I’m back for good! I felt pretty guilty coming back and then leaving again, I’m so sorry once again! Though, my exams are all over and summer has now begun for me! Yay! Anywho, back to Special A, if this series doesn’t get better by half-time I am seriously considering to just drop the series or at least stop blogging it. I already planned out that if I do, I’ll just pick up Soul Eater to blog because we all know it is so much better than this series could ever be. It ended up being a beach episode, which are almost always so lame. This time, the Special A goes to visit Hawaii. I always wanted to go there when I was younger (not that long ago actually); I remember being so obsessed with Hawaii. I remember planning out my life when I would eventually live there. I think that little obsession started after I saw Lilo and Stitch, which if you completely neglect all the sequels made after it; it was a great movie. Though, that’s a different story, but it did bring back memories. Though, the episode didn’t really have any Hawaiian atmosphere, but I wouldn’t know for sure because the only image I have of it is from a movie about an alien (a cute one though) coming to earth.

So, they go visit a villa where they meet Chitose, another annoying and angsty kid introduced in the series. He was told by his brother to learn more about the Special A. He also is a lonely and sad kid who decided to name all seven members after someone in a family, such as father, uncle, etc. Hikari ended up deemed as the dog, which was pretty funny. She tries to be as nice as possible to Chitose because she feels bad for him and for the most part she is just plain nice. It ends up being though, that Chitose’s older brother is none other than Yahiro. That also entertained me because I couldn’t help but wonder if Chitose and Sui ever hung out together like Yahiro and Kei did. Maybe they compare who has the better brother! This series is really going nowhere. I’ve seen series where not much happens, but at least they were entertaining, this is just boring. Every episode is filler; the only thing that has been confirmed is that Hikari is “thick-headed” or a “blockhead”, which we all already knew since day one. I didn’t really like the premise of the story to begin with, but it did have some potential. I expected it to be a series I could just laugh and I expected to really like the characters. What i got was a whole bunch of weak jokes and characters that annoy the hell out of me. I’ve never disliked the main character from a series until I saw this. Hopefully the next episode will be better, but I think everyone already knows that it won’t.



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  2. i like it. 🙂

  3. so cute

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