Posted by: lostty | June 7, 2008

Super Random Updates

So, for firsts the Lucky Star OVA has a confirmed air date of September 26th! I’m so excited, it still is pretty far way, but it is coming out sooner than I expected! The storyline of when it takes place still isn’t confirmed, but does it really matter? We all know it is going to be amazing anyway! I hope the story takes place after from where the series ended.

So, in other news there is also a 30 second clip on the internet of CLANNAD, which is the episode that will be released only on DVD. That episode is going to be the OVA right? If so I’m pretty disappointed because it’s going to be all about Tomoyo who is not really one of my favourite characters. I’m guessing it’s going to be a one episode adaption of Tomoyo After, I read the manga for it and really didn’t like it. It has absolutely no Nagisa in it because instead of Tomoya being in love with Nagisa he is in love with Tomoyo. That isn’t even the worst of it because the ending (which I am not going to reveal) made me so angry and if the OVA ends up ending like it, I’m not sure what I’ll do! Though, hopefully the creators will change up the story completely and make something good out of it, fingers crossed!

I know this has nothing to do with anime, but I also want to mention that my exams are coming up, so I don’t guarantee that I will be updating as often for the next week and a bit. Studying is so boring, but at least after that, summer starts!  YAY!



  1. Good Luck on exams Im already on holiday!!!! ;P

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    • that was random…lol….wth are these comments??

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  4. Tomoyo rules. Can’t wait for the OVA. Same with Lucky Star.

  5. Tehee, I’m pretty sure I am the only one in the world who doesn’t really like Tomoyo and instead loves Fuko 🙂

  6. Agreed

  7. lol…i love fuko! FUKO AND TOMOYO ROCK!

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