Posted by: lostty | June 5, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 9

Well, Shiki is back to only saying minimal phrases, but it is better than nothing and this was still a great episode. I’m not sure if everyone noticed yet, but they also changed up the opening. The only thing they really changed was that they got rid of a part with Zero (how sad) and replaced it with Yuki and the Maria girl; it looked very close to a Yuri scene in the making. So this episode brings the introduction to the new character Maria, besides that this episode didn’t have much purpose to anything. She transfers to the night dorm late and the year and pretty much pissed off everyone in her class. She’s a character I actually kind of like; she isn’t nearly as good as she was in the manga, but still an enjoyable character. In my last post I mentioned that at the end of episode 8 when we first see her, I loved her black and red socks, though in this episode she isn’t wearing them at all! I was so disappointed because that was my favourite thing about her! Whenever she gets screen time there is a good little melody theme song for her in the background, which I really liked, hopefully they continue playing it for the future episodes. In this episode it was also revealed that Zero definitely suspects Maria of something; Aido feels the same way. There isn’t much information about her anywhere, though I think everyone already jumped to the conclusion that she’s evil. I wonder how people find out information about certain vampires anyway, it’s not like you can find it on the internet…

I’m curious to know if anyone who hasn’t read the manga finds the subtle hints about characters in the series too obvious. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder; do the creators want the viewers to know what’s going on or do they assume that everyone is still guessing? Anyway, I was glad to see that the animation for this episode got better. From what I could see, Zero didn’t look extremely awkward with weird facial expressions like he has in other episodes. The funnier parts in this episode were first when everyone in the night dorm ate Aido’s pockies and when Yuki said she kept the anti-vampire gun in her drawer. It’s funny to think Yuki would keep the gun in her drawer because she shares a room with her friend, so just imagine if her friend happened to open the drawer and find it. Yuki would have a lot of explaining to do. It was also funny at the beginning when Yuki was trying so hard to keep the day class away from the night dorm and all Zero had to do was stand there and look intimidating and when one of the girls tried to pass he said “I’ll make you cry if you try and pass me”. It was really cute and funny. Zero’s personality also changed a bit since the last episode since he isn’t all emotional anymore and instead more aloof and aggressive looking. Things are really developing now and I’m excited to see more. The dance is going to be a scene coming in a few episodes so I’m really excited. It was one of my favourite parts in the manga and one of my most anticipated scenes to be animated. It better be good!



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  2. I dont like maria. shes too annoying

  3. I actually don’t mind her either. And she’s way better than some of the characters that we’ve seen so far

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