Posted by: lostty | May 30, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 8


This was one of the episodes that I mentioned before that I was waiting for! I though the episodes was going to be aired as last week’s, but it ended up being this week, which is still okay because it ended up being better than what I wanted! My main reason to why I wanted to watch this was because I knew Shiki was going to be in it. I really can go all fangirl like when it comes to him; I love his hair! It was also good because the first half of the episode only focused on the night class, so it was full of beautiful boys! The story was basically was that Ichijo’s grandfather comes to visit and everyone ends up nervous. Kaname pretty much just keeps to himself laying on the couch acting all emotional. Ichijo’s grandfather then comes and we get to see that he has the ugliest beard ever seen and he also had a weird pointy elf ear thing going on. He pretty much left as soon as he came and played no importance to the story at all. For the second half, Zero was told to go on a mission to kill a level E vampire in town. At the same time Shiki (yes!) and Rima are sent out as well to kill the same vampire. We finally got some action sequences, which are always way too short. Shiki uses his ability, that was awesome, which is used by pricking his finger and when the blood spurs it becomes like a whip thing, it is sort of hard to explain.

There were two incidents in this episode of characters being total idiots. First, when Zero went to go kill the vampire, Yuki tagged along without him knowing. She is way too naïve because every single time she goes to the town she always ends up getting hurt by some vampire, which happens again in this episode. She should have learnt her lesson by now, it’s been 8 episodes and it’s happened 3 times, pretty pathetic actually. The second case of being an idiot was when Zero put a gun to the Level E vampire and instead of just pulling the trigger; he asked the vampire if he was the one who killed the four girls. Let’s also keep in mind that while he said it the vampire was holding a girl who he was about to bite. It took Zero a little too long to make the connection I guess. The animation for the episode was pretty good and at times I actually really loved it! Though, the thing I liked the best was the soundtrack, I am actually really excited for it to come out, especially if I’ll be able to get it. Also, at the end a new character appeared and if she’s who I think she is, I am so excited for what’s coming! The character design for her is awesome and I absolutely loved her socks! With her appearance in the series, things are going to definitely become more interesting and if anyone found this episode boring, then do not threat because there is almost a guarantee that the next episode will be completely awesome, I’m already excited for it!



  1. That blood whip thing sure was bad-ass! We need MOAR things like that! ^_^

    And yeah, I thought the same thing about Yuuki {♥} and her obvious attack while going into town. Will she learn from this? We shall see!

  2. My guess is that she won’t learn from it, she seems to be someone who can make the same mistake repeatedly 🙂 Though, we can alway have our hopes up.

  3. Thanks a lot for the post!

  4. wooooooooooooooow
    me encantanto este episodio

  5. @Adriana: I’m only in the midst of learning spanish, so I’m sorry if what you’re saying isn’t too clear for me, but I understand that you’re talking about this episode y goce realmente de el tambien!

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