Posted by: lostty | May 29, 2008

Special A episode 7

Well, it seems the writers for the series must have thought that they were on the verge of getting a moment that might be considered too serious or actually good, so we now have a filler episode filled with nothingness! Though, the surprising thing is that because this episode dropped all possibilities of trying to be serious and just made itself completely random, it actually worked. Ya, it still wasn’t anything amazing, but I found that it did have funny moments and I even laughed a few times. I think this series could have done better if instead of trying to be something that tries too hard to be good it just became outrageous and over the top. The story revolved a lot more around the other members of the Special A, which is what I wanted and I would easily say that they are definitely better characters than almost everyone else. The characters really only work well when they are together because with all there separate obnoxious personalities they end up clashing, but in a good way. They were definitely the best part of the episode. The story was basically that Kei still intended to find out what Yahiro said to Hikari. Hikari for the most part was still worried and wondering if Kei actually liked her, but that part always seems to bother me. Take this into consideration, you invite a guest over to a formal party both knowing you’re going to be partners, then if your partner goes off somewhere and is about to be forcefully kissed by someone else, wouldn’t anybody try and prevent it from happening. It just doesn’t make sense in my opinion. Anyway, so Kei wants to find out and decides to have a competition betting on that information, the competition ends up being a race, but the members of the S.A try all means to make Hikari win.

The funny part was that any obstacle they threw at Kei he was able to overcome. They even blew him up and he survived! It was pretty pathetic at times how he was falling into some of the traps, but it seemed funny. One of the funnier “traps” was when one of them tried to make a giant robot that looked like Hikari (which it didn’t at all) to fool Kei, but instead he did his 50 feet jump and knocked it over. The whole episode basically showed off his completely supernatural skills that no human could ever do, which made it funny in an exaggerated way. The series does well at making a fool of itself. Kei actually won the competition in the end, which is pretty pathetic on Hikari’s part considering he had quite a lot of handicaps. Though, when she ended up telling him, all she could say in response was that it couldn’t be possible because they were rivals, smiled and walked off. Kei then admitted that she was thickheaded, which gives him some good points because he was able to insult her, though now we are back to beginning of Kei trying to get Hikari to love him. The next episode is definitely going to be just another pointless filler, it doesn’t have a very good chance of being any good either, but if it ends up being like this one I guess it can’t be that bad. It’s going to be one of those classic beach episodes, which is a random excuse for the creators to get their characters in swimsuits…

cute bear!!!!


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