Posted by: lostty | May 27, 2008

Kurenai episode 7

Another great episode that somewhat develops the plot and Tamaki’s character. It seems like the episodes that aren’t really about anything are coming to an end. I already miss them, but I’m sure whatever new path this series tries to take it’s going to end up great! The dialogue sequences for this series are just too good; they always end up being my favoutite part about the episode. The first half of the episode was like any other episode (which is a good thing), Tamaki decides to bring Murasaki to her University where she was intending to meet someone. As they wander in the school, Tamaki teaches Murasaki about being a woman and having relationships. Tamaki apparently has dated many people before. Though, the person she was supposed to meet finally finds her and he ends up being her present boyfriend. Tamaki tries to call off the conversation till next week because she has to take care of Murasaki at that moment, but he didn’t care and instead ended their relationship right then and there. Tamaki really could do better, that guy didn’t really have anything going for him, and in fact he just seemed “slimy”. Slimy by his personality, not the actual yucky and gooey slimy if you get my drift. Though, the second half of the episode was more important because Murasaki was found out by one of the guys who have been looking for her, so we can pretty much presume that the Kuchouin’s are bound to find out where she is, which is definitely not good news.

The episode was of course, not as good as the last one, but it was to be expected after an episode so good. I probably wouldn’t consider it to be one of the better ones so far, but it still beats anything Special A has had. The best part of all in the episode was definitely when Murasaki ran back home to tell Kurenai that he should break up with Yuuno and then she claimed him to be a Lolicon, which is one of the many things that Tamaki had taught her that day. It was funny because of Kurenai’s reaction. His neighbors are always teaching her the wrong things about life. The series is now past its halfway point and it only seems like it’s officially starting for real now. I guess it’s going to finally start building up suspense for the climax. Also, things are probably going to be a lot more serious. I really hope this series ends well because so far it has been a very solid series and one of the best of the season. I wonder if the neighbors will actually have an important role or if they’ll just be forgotten. The next episode looks very promising. As per usual you can’t tell anything about the plot, but from the clips it looks really good and I can’t wait to watch it!



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  2. “I am a better woman than anyone! That is why you became a lolicon!” lol

    Very few episodes left, so I wonder how well they will bring the story to a closure.

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