Posted by: lostty | May 22, 2008

Special A episode 6

Well, I’m not going to say this was a bad episode, but it was still nowhere near being good. The best way to categorize this episode on a good to bad scale would be calling it “Special A good” because it’s good for a series that has done nothing but disappoint since day one. The episode starts off with Hikari receiving a letter from Sui (who used to be the only good character for about 20 minutes in the series until he became obsessed with his brother…it really is a shame), which really belongs to Kei. Kei comes out of nowhere from his fancy car asking for it back, but she refused even when he told her that it was an invitation for an upcoming party to someone who would be his partner. Even though she was shocked she still decided to be his partner even though he never really gave it to her, but she does have to listen to everything he says. So, the night of the event comes and for once in her life Hikari looked normal. A new character is also introduced, his name is Yahiro and he’s a childhood friend of Kei, all we can really tell about his at the moment is that he’s definitely a pain. He decided to do a test with Hikari to determine whether Kei liked her, personally it was the stupidest way to determine such a thing, but she ended up releasing that there is a “possibility” he does (it only took 6 episodes?)

This was the point where I actually considered this to be an actually good (normal good) episode, but after those 15 minutes it went completely downhill. Yahiro decided to play a game and made Hikari the “it” player who everyone has to try and catch and of course, competitive as she is, tried her best and semi-won. When Yahiro asked what she wanted as a prize for winning all she said was that she wanted him to consider he a rival to Kei (stupid request, especially considering he offered her pretty much anything). It was probably one of the most ridiculous scenes from any episode so far when Hikari ripped her dress shorter (which was probably more expensive than she would expect) and took off her shoes so she could run faster, this was the point when the episode was taking it’s toll to the worst. Though, the most pathetic part of the episode was that after all that happened Hikari still had doubts over Kei liking her, how dense could she be! The school she goes to must be a pack of idiots if she’s considered the second smartest. So, in general it was a pretty bad episode, but it still had its moments that made it a bit better than usual. The new character may definitely become more interesting, especially considering he likes to show off how dumb Hikari could be. I think in the future this series should try and involve the other members of the Special A because I’m sure it would be more entertaining to learn about them especially considering that at the moment they are pretty much useless to the plot. I didn’t really notice anything from the preview because I got kind of distracted, but it seems that the title of the episode for next week has the word “thickhead” in it, so we can pretty much predict whom they are trying to talk about.



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  2. i so agree with you. the series has been one big dissapointing episode after another, and when it is not dissapointing it is alright only with nothing great happening. =_= it is funny how the anime that you thought would do well don’t and those that you thought won’t are actually entertaining.

  3. Ya, now that I think it about, it does always seem to turn out like that… Maybe we should have low expectations for everything and then they’ll turn out good 🙂

  4. Only highlight of this episode was Yahiro telling Hikari what everyone else already knows.

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