Posted by: lostty | May 20, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 6

Hot kaname!

I’m actually enjoying this series quite a lot. Usually, when it comes to mangas I really enjoy and they get turned into animes I always end up comparing them and deciding that the manga is a million times better, but for Vampire Knight I’ve been pretty satisfied. An example of a series that always disappointed me after I read the manga (well, I actually only read up to volume 19, can’t wait for July!) was Fruits Basket, the series was just nothing compared to the manga. Anyway, so the story continues from the last episode and Zero who got shot doesn’t die or anything. Though, the next day when Yuki goes to school she couldn’t find Zero anywhere, she soon finds out he was put into isolation by his old teacher until “he deals with him”. Stuff happens Yuki finds him and offers her blood for no real good reason, he bites her, the teacher gets pissed off and while Yuki runs back to class the teacher puts a gun to his head, but before he could pull the trigger Yuki comes in and stops everything from happening and Zero realizes his will to live. Yuki constantly offers her blood to Zero, which always bothers me because afterwards she worries over Zero because she doesn’t want him to drop to a level E vampire, but she never realizes that offering her own blood doesn’t help the problem. I guess that’s just one of the many things that make Yuki so naïve. Hopefully she’ll get smarter as the series progresses.

In the anime it seems that Kaname is a lot meaner. His hate for Zero is a lot more apparent. He’s very clever with his words and through the series I definitely think that I like him more and more. Too bad there wasn’t any Shiki in the episode, though instead we had Zero wearing some sexy casual clothes that made him look better than usual. Though, Zero looks great in the uniform too? He also looks adorable as a kid! The one thing that bothered me about this episode was at times the face shots of Zero seemed really weird and badly drawn, but besides that this was a great episode. There were certain moments that lasted a really short amount of time in the episode that really felt realistic, for the most part it was when you had Yuki looking and worrying over Zero. It just seemed to have a different vibe from the rest of the episode, in a good way of course. The soundtrack for the episode was also amazing, I loved every bit of it, and it all went so well with the scenes! I have a question though, for those who watch this, in the ending theme where you have Yuki sitting alone in a room crying tears of blood, what is she holding in her hand? My sister and I had a debate over what we thought it might be, but we still couldn’t find a straight answer (well, I couldn’t she seemed pretty certain on her answer), all I know is that it glows, so I’m curious to know what everyone else thinks of it. The next episode should have a lot of the Night Class in it (yay!) maybe some flashbacks too, hopefully we’ll get to see Aido and Shiki get more screen time, I can’t wait!

Kid zero won its way to a spot as a picture I choose!



  1. I know what you mean. I knew Kaname didn’t like Zero, but it’s definitely more apparent in the anime. That being said, I do like the anime almost as much as the manga. Aah~ We think so alike xD

  2. tehee, I guess so 😀

  3. Hey I love this anime too! After I watched it I read the whole manga online and spoiled it for myself!
    In the ending video of vampire knight when yuki is on the bed, she has a mirror proped on her lap, and when she cries her tear goes on the mirror.
    I had to watch it about 5 times to realise what it was!

  4. I personally like the manga more, I mean, it’s amazing!
    Ya, by the last episode I finally realized what it was to! Thanks for the help, also when she’s watching herself (?) dancing and such it’s through the mirror as well!

  5. I didn’t know that there was an anime for this…
    but I have to say, the manga is so much better compared to these still images…

  6. @Nyanonymous: The manga really is better. I almost suggest not seeing Vampire Knight anime, overall I didn’t really like it, but you might think something different of it of course. Though, The manga is so much better.

  7. i LOVE anime.
    such KAWAII

  8. i like 2 read anime books.


  10. i love anime

  11. i love reading vampire knight after i went on they are my fave comic after kitchen princess. in vampire knight i am on chapter37. =)

  12. I think that thing yukis holding a lighted sword to prtect herself for some reason.. However i love vampire knight and my fellow cosplayers zero and kaname i think im getting attatched to my zero cosplayer…

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