Posted by: lostty | May 18, 2008

Kurenai episode 6

Best filler episode ever! Once again Kurenai steals the spotlight from all the other new series and makes it top of the list as one of the best! It isn’t half time for all the series yet, but I can already predict that this one will be the best. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like I did in this episode. The story was that some guy comes to Kurenai’s apartment floor asking him and the rest of his neighbors to put on a play for an upcoming festival, but there is a catch and it’s that it’s a musical! Everyone on the apartment floor end up agreeing to join and they all decide to practice together, but while they practice they realize how bad some of them are, but when they try and find replacements they only end up getting someone worse than the original. The whole episode was basically just the preparations and practice for the festival, except for the little twist at the end. It was so entertaining; I don’t think I’ve seen an episode of any series this amusing in a while. The musical voices were done by none-other than the actual voice actors, which is completely uncommon and just made the episode better. You can definitely tell that singing is definitely not one of there strong points for most.

Something I found seemed more evident than usual in this episode was the pointiness of the characters noses, but it was only at certain angles, which is to be expected though it still seemed odd. For the most part, throughout the whole episode I was either smiling the whole way or laughing. The episode really had nothing at all to do with the main plot, but this would be one of the few series that can pull off an episode with no importance so well. I definitely applaud the voice actors once again who had the guts to sing and be heard by possibly thousands of people. I really hope other creators and companies learn from this series and realize how great it is and apply it to there own series because this is truly a masterpiece! Too bad for next week though because no more singing. From the preview I didn’t notice anything in particular that looks interesting, but I will bite my tongue because I should already realize that whether the preview looks boring or not in the end the episode always turns out awesome! Yay for musicals!



  1. I don’t know if the animation was intentionally bad, but it actually made the episode funnier for me! ^_^

  2. It was a great episode! I could not believe it at first that they are actually singing lol It has little to do with the main story, but it was so much fun 🙂 One of my favorite episodes this season 🙂

    The animation was intentionally done this way. I think the purpose was to dramatize the scene 😛

    The next episode is somewhat sad actually, but it does have some fun parts 🙂

  3. […] half time for all the series yet, but I can already predict that this one will be the best. I d Shop, Seussical and Millie Are Among Most-Produced High School Musicals PlaybillThe […]

  4. I thought some of the animation in ep.6 made it look like they were all very very drunk!

    It was a fantastic episode though. Every anime should have a musical episode!

  5. @53RG10: I think I’d have to agree

    @Dop: Ya, at times it did seem that way…I would agree on having more series with musical episodes, it would really be hilarious!

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