Posted by: lostty | May 12, 2008

Bus Gamer episode 3 + Final Impressions

Sorry for the amazingly late post, I just got lazy with this series because ever since I saw the first episode I knew they weren’t going to be able to end it well, which is exactly what happened. So, the story doesn’t pick up much at all from the last episode and instead we have the trio No Name team entering another competition round, which is to take place on the roof of a building. At first, I thought the opponent’s team was really clever because the roof was a crowded place filled with people eating or drinking (basically a restaurant). I thought the opponent was going to make a discreet attack without anyone knowing what was going on, but instead they made themselves the center of attention by trying to stab there enemies and win. Of course the No Name team won. The investigator from the last episode was actually one the roof during the whole event and we learnt that after she found the gun Kazuo had the team’s master plan to get themselves out of the mess was to run like hell (which succeeded in working considering she didn’t bother to run after them) and to top it all off she was too drunk to notice anything actually happened. She ends up getting fired from her job and moved to a different sector in the police offices. Then some more pointless things happen and it ends in hopes that it was a close enough ending to a series.

From what I understood, the game they played in this episode was the last one before they win the money, but the ending seemed to have meant otherwise, so I’m pretty confused and it would help if I had clarifying. The ending itself was really bad and didn’t solve anything at all; we still don’t understand anyone’s reason to why they wanted the money. Basically, everything that happened throughout the whole mini series was pointless making this a pointless series. It was actually an entertaining episode and it would have been great if it were from a series with a normal expected length. Though, even if it was entertaining, it was nothing more and instead get you interested and then ends, it’s almost like some sort of tragic story only not at all. At least I somewhat enjoyed myself.

Final Impression

This is completely just failed potential. I mentioned that before, but it had a strong story that could have been interesting yet instead they made it condensed into just a mere three episodes. I don’t even understand why they would spend money to make this because it was based on a manga that was never finished after only one volume. What compelled someone into thinking they can make a successful series out of this. It’s just disappointing to watch. Over three episodes I was impressed by the character development though because they did change since the first episode and did become somewhat nicer to each other. I also loved the opening for the series, which was a great song to use. Personally, I think that if the creators weren’t going to just have finished the story themselves, they shouldn’t have made it to begin with because it had its positives ad was ery entertaining, but instead of leaving you with good thoughts it leaves you knowing there’ll be nothing more than what we saw even if we want otherwise.

Kazuo shouldn't get picyure time



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  2. I’m so confused, why was it only 3 episodes?? I thought they just hadn’t subbed the rest, but it was only meant to be 3 episodes total?? Weird, it had started out so good, why didn’t they have a whole season of Bus Gamer…

  3. It was so short because it was based on a manga that only had one volume and was never continued, because of it, a proper ending was never made. It really is a shame…

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