Posted by: lostty | May 8, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 5

no zero pictures today

Another very satisfying episode that stayed pretty true to the manga. This series impresses me once more and leaves me wanting more. The better scenes I realized were definitely the ones involving the night class in some way, the other scenes are still good don’t get me wrong, though when it comes to the night class they are not only always entertaining, but just as pretty to look at. Though, Zero will still always be my lover. Anyway, enough about the fangirl moment, as much as I loved episode 3, I thought that it in a way ruined a part of this episode because once again Yuki got attacked by a vampire in the town. It would have been a lot more shocking if we weren’t already introduced to the Level E vampires because it made Yuki seem even stupider because she was an idiot the first time for following the vampire kid and leaving herself vulnerable and was stupid the second time for doing it again. She really doesn’t seem fitted for the disciplinary committee if she is the one who always needs the saving. The episode also had the really funny scene where Ichijo and Shiki tell them to meet them at the Moon-dorm that night to tell them about everything and when they go they’re both (Yuki) really nervous because everyone seems very intimidating, but when Ichijo comes out and says they should all celebrate his birthday! It’s so cute, but it also involves the scene where Kaname completely disses Zero, it was pretty clever what he said, but I wonder if it took him all day to come up with it or if he just thought of it on the spot (because that is just so important to the plot).

Though, the best part was definitely when Shiki by “accident” cuts Ichijo’s finger a bit with the knife they need to cute his cake and then Shiki licks the blood that drips, that was just hot! Shiki’s hair looks so good in the anime and I really liked him a lot more in the series than I remember from the manga. Zero of course, was once more on the verge of biting Yuki again. I wonder why he chose to lick her neck first, it seems vampires like to do that often probably because it sets an image or something. The episode also ended on a cliffhanger, which is a good thing for fans even though of course aggravating. Once again, I love the atmosphere set in the series, I’m glad they improved that since the first and I also almost felt that they even made the glowing eye effect look less stupid. It was a really good episode and I’m glad lots of the other characters were introduced, if it continues to follow the manga, the next episode should have once again a great plot filled full with Zero and Yuki moments!

I needed Shiki!



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  2. Good post. 🙂 Ahh ‘Master’ at the end. Very nice. I can’t wait!

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