Posted by: lostty | May 2, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 4

This was another fairly good episode, not as good as the last but still kept my attention and was very entertaining. I’m glad to say that I would definitely consider this one of the best of the season and I’m sure if I hadn’t already been a fan of the manga I would have enjoyed it so much more. Now, when it comes to episodes like this one, most people won’t like it because not much happens and it’s just slow paced the whole time. Though, I’m the type of person who usually enjoys an episode like this one, only because I sometimes like something that’s slow-paced that I can just watch and enjoy, it lets you also appreciate what you watch and laves you anticipated for the next episode from the build up. It was a simple storyline basically only about the after affect of the last episode where Zero sunk his teeth into Yuki. Obviously Kaname was upset about the whole ordeal, while Aido was very intrigued about it all and was wondering who was the one that did it, considering he was one of the few that knew about it because he was able to recognize the scent of her blood. Also, throughout the episode Yuki doesn’t feel any anger towards Zero and instead she felt remorse because she slowly realizes how much he must have suffered becoming the one thing he hated most. Perhaps the episode was a bit stretched, but you cannot deny that the scene with Yuki hugging Zero was completely adorable and very romantic.

They are continuously changing little things from the manga in the anime, which is great, but they’re still following the exact same story path (which is to be expected of course). I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but it seemed the music they played in the background was particularly good. It was subtle enough that it wasn’t overpowering, but still noticeable and just enhanced some of the scenes. The one thing that bothered me in the episode was Yuki’s Band-Aid. Once again, this is one of the weird things that I notice while watching a series. It just seemed like she went through a lot of them because at one point or another it seemed like someone ripped it off, must have been a little annoying for her after a while having to go and get a new one. This episode seemed to focus on showing the love interest involving Yuki towards both Zero and Kaname, so I hope the next episode has some more action in it and involves most about the love interest and Yuki’s take on who she wants.



  1. Nice entry. I liked this episode too (in fact I’ve watched it twice) and enjoyed it for the reasons you listed. I’m new to Vampire Knight and I’m resisting the manga so I can’t wait for the next episode.

    In this episode it struck me that all humans fall to Level E. Definitely? Meaning if Yuuki was to be ‘turned’ she would become a Level E. I can’t see Kaname wanting that. I’ll continue to speculate and avoid spoilers ’til then.

    Looking forward to watching the next ep, and reading your next entry.

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