Posted by: lostty | April 28, 2008

Special A episode 3

I’ve been actually pretty disappointed with this series so far. Originally, I was pretty excited for it, but ever since the first episode it has been constantly just something average that doesn’t really strand out, but I still have hopes for it and it is not bad enough for me to drop the series or anything. The main reason why I want to mention this is just because I feel bad always making the posts for this series so late. They are always so late because I never watch them right when they come out, I always just wait awhile, I’ll try not to do that from now on. So for the episode itself, it was a pretty boring twenty-something minutes of my life. It didn’t have a very good plot, all it was about was that in the last episode Hikari lost again to Kei and as a prize he can tell her to do one command of his choice. Much to her surprise, all he asks is for a bento lunch, but that proves to be a much more difficult task for Hikari to do, so for the next 20 minutes we see her fail time and time again. He only wanted the bento because when he was young he was the only rich kid who got super expensive stuff for lunch, but he really just wanted something homemade. His parents never had enough time for him to make it, how sad…not.

The more I watch this series the more every character grows on me, except Hikari. If she’s meant to be the second smartest kid in the school the other students must be idiots, but I guess schools don’t really measure common sense as a grade, which is something Hikari lacks completely. What kind of school would build a giant greenhouse to put the seven smartest kids in it to let them do whatever they want? It’s pretty farfetched in my opinion, but it’s anime, there are far more unusual things out there. The episode was still entertaining, but it just got repetitive with itself and I would think the second episode was better. I did find the cannonball onigri pretty funny though and Kei seemed really cute waiting all day for her food without having anything else to eat. I can never really pay attention to the preview because I am always way to amused by the Tadashi puppet and what it has to say than the actual clips in the background for the next episode, oh well!



  1. i really love this anime.. hope you will like it too..

  2. @zero no tsukaima: I was just watching more of the series yesterday and it is getting better…

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