Posted by: lostty | April 27, 2008

Death the Kid = Awesomeness

I’m honestly so surprised by how much I love this series! During the first three episodes we have had the introduction of three different teams and Death the Kid won by a landslide!

He has such an awesome outfit, complete with his cooler than life hair 🙂 I completely agree with his dad that it’s so pretty! Even his weapon is pretty cool because unlike the others he uses a more modern weapon, which are two guns. And of all the characters he definitely has the most style while using his weapons, I don’t know how he does it, but he’s able to pull the trigger of the guns with his pinky fingers (very impressive). He also has an obsession with symmetry and won’t rest at ease if everything is not perfectly symmetrical. He’s also the son of the head Shinigami. Honestly, if these are only the prologue episodes then I can’t wait to see the real start of the story. Death the Kid has instantly become my favourite character and possible one of my favourite characters ever. So, for the rest of the post, I decided to put lots of other screenshots of him 🙂



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  2. yes I just love this series too. my top show so far this season anime wise.

  3. death the kid… his weakness and charm is the total symetrical

  4. Haven’t seen the series, but from the looks of it, he’s got a lot of teenage angst.

    • angst? well if you just look at him then yeah since he kinda resembles sasuke of naruto… but if you watch the series, kid has no angst whatsoever. he’s actually kinda funny. he’s such a neat freak and is obsessed with symmetry…

      • he doesn’t resemble sasuke at all >.<'

  5. […] Death the Kid won by a landslide! He has such an awesome outfit, complete with his cooler than lif[…]

  6. death the kid rocks. he is my fav out of the 2 pairs. his OCD-ness is just hilarious.

  7. I love Death the Kid too!

  8. I LOVE SOUL EATER!!!!!! Death the Kid is my favorie character! One thing i know is that he LOVES symmetry.

  9. OMG, Death the Kid is the best, man!!!
    He is so adorable!!!
    and the anime is so good…
    the drawing, background and music background and effects, they are all awesome!

  10. What series?!? what is it from i must know!!! xD

  11. oh never minf..i founf out XD

  12. Hooray for Death the Kid. Hooray for OCD!

  13. He’s so frickin AWESOME! EPIC! WICKED! I love him! Almost as much as Chrona and Maka, it’s pretty close! 😛

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  15. i haz ocd like him too, kinda pathetic. lol

  16. Agree he is to cool with those 2 chicks near him uh one of my favorite chars.

  17. he’s cool..
    cool n cute!

    he’s funny too!


  18. Yeah, he’s one of my favourites! Soul Eater is pure style, pretty action szenes, a good complex storyline and I do love Kid’s father. The best Anime after FLCL nad Samurai Shamploo.

  19. @Sue: Ya, I’ve been really enjoying the series myself, but it seems ages since I’ve last watched it X) So much to catch up on, in so little time…

  20. I love him! when i watched the prologue i thought that maka and soul were awesome but then when i saw Death, i became his fan XD

    I love his obsession with symmetry, it’s so awesome XD
    and like you said, when ever he fights he does it is really cool way 😀

    what i love the most about him is his voice, then again it is the voice of the seiyu of Kira/Light from deathnote and Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Ouran high school host club.

  21. @van-chan: Death always manages to bring a smile to my face no matter the situation! He deserves more screen time! Mamoru Miyano really is a great voice actor, he can play such different characters!

    • Death the Kid is the only one that’s nice and obessed with symmtry and cute too!

  22. Ah mais ele não é o principal D:

  23. i love the way he holds his guns his pinkies must be godly

  24. I like him so much..!!^^he’s so cool..
    and yeah, the he hold his guns…!and i cant believe he’s weakness is symetrical…hehe, funny…

  25. I have the sneaking suspicion that Death the Kid was once Eibon. How cool would that be?

  26. What really annoys me with D.Kid is that his guns are pretty much useless. They don’t do any damage at all, just hold enemies off for a few seconds. Unless he does his special move, he is just a fly in the face of adversaries. Therefore I find his battles terribly boring.

  27. Aaah I Can’t Believe Soul Eater Is Finished….DTK Was Awesome When Fighting The Kishin Though!! Whoo…His Theme Song Is Pretty Cool As Well Specially The Chorus Lol
    “Bang Bang Bang Bang Have a Nice Dream!”

  28. I am in love with Death the kid, he is my boyfriend (2nd to music), he is so cute, cool and creative; and has a sexy-serious face with a killer SMILE!!!! If only he were human….

  29. he’s the perfect crack of the series, he can change from being too serious, calm and collected to being just too goofy to believe that he’s the son of shinigami-sama…(well..okay, shinigami-sama does seem a XD

    well, he’s ♥ all in all 😀

  30. is it realy that cool just by looking at the pictures that somebody posted i can tell its pretty cool i’ll be sure to try watching it just for fun i’ve been looking for a new anime to watch i already finished all the other anime shows that i started

  31. I LOVE Kid!!!!!! He definately ranks in my top 5 favorite anime characters… ❤ !! ahaha, I looked him up on google images before I saw the series, and I already loved him. But his personality doesn't follow his appearence now, does it? XD

  32. Kid its awesome, cool, cute, funny and more!!! is the most original character ever!!!.

    Want more of Death The Kid? visit this web:


  33. I love Kid I love Kid I love Kid I love Kid I love Kid I love Kid
    No really, I love him -and not in the “He`s hottt.” Kind of way. I reallyyyy love him. xD -sigh- Being in love with an anime character.. lol

  34. And no, his theme/image song is not “Bang Bang Bang Bang Have a Nice Day”. It’s a song completely in Japanese.

  35. Harooy!

  36. Kid is too cute for me like hot!

  37. Kid is too cool like were boyfriend and girlfriend but it’s true.I’m crazy for him!

  38. KID is so HOT! when i first saw him, I was so amazed! GOSH! he is mind blowing! aghh! my nose is BLEEDING!!!


  40. i love Death the Kid, but i got one problem….. did he ever meet and fall in love with a girl? And if so, where she go? And what her name???

  41. Actually I love all the series where Kid kun appears,
    He make me lol about his obsession with symmetry.
    Death the Kid become my favorite character because I always in good mood when I watching him … he’s so AWESOME! that’s why I love him OOOOOOh!!!!
    If he really exist in this world um !!! sorry Obsession with him…..
    by the way thanks for the photo I like it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The way he holds his guns really makes my mouth un-close …

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  44. DAMMIT I HAVE A T-SHIRT OF HIM!! It was love at first sight ❤

  45. kid is not kiding

  46. kid liz and patty rule the house no black★star

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