Posted by: lostty | April 24, 2008

Kure-nai episode 3

This is definitely the underdog of the season because it seemed nobody really gave much interested or expected anything from it much from it and now it’s one of the favourites. This was another great episode, not as good as the last two, but just as cute and we all know that’s one of the most important parts! Murasaki decides to visit Shinkurou’s school to see how that type of life is. She explores all the different places and basically that’s all. The best part was when she was in the biology lab and she sees the model of the human system and she starts panicking over his health (considering she can see his insides and he doesn’t have any skin) and wondering why he was naked. Though, there were some other cute moments as well, like when she was in the library wondering how Shinkurou managed to read all the books. Simply put, she’s just an adorably naive little girl who would make this series worth watching even if it were just for her. Though, Shinkurou soon catches on that Murasaki is in the school and ends up having to go find her.

The most intriguing part of the episode though, was when they were taking the train home and Murasaki tried to stop the school guy form being rude to the old lady, when Shinkirou didn’t do anything about it when we know he has the power to do so. Instead he defended Murasaki who was about to get in big trouble by the guys by taking the hits from them and even letting them spit in his hair (the worst thing ever!). The only reason why he didn’t fight back is that he says he doesn’t want to show her a word like that and refuses to fight in front of her, which makes a lot of sense in a way. One thing I came to realize while watching this is that my mind seems very similar to that f a seven year old because just like Murasaki I was very upset that he didn’t just punch them all. Well, at least she seems to be an intelligent seven years old, which comforts me quite a bit. The episode ended on an interesting not, which leaves me anticipated for the next episode. I actually read an article in a magazine recently about the manga the show is based on and it mentioned a few key elements which haven’t happened yet, so I actually have a somewhat clear understanding of what may happen, though series usually change from the manga so anything really can happen, I’ll just have to wait and see.




  1. I like the artwork of this anime. I wonder where will the story go?

  2. Hi . i’m the admin of and i was wondering of affiliating with your blog ^_^ .

  3. @Kitsune: I agree the artwork is really nice, it gives a very realistic feel.

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