Posted by: lostty | April 21, 2008

You’d be crazy if you didn’t watch it, but even more crazy if you did ~ Kaiba ~

Yes, that’s Kaiba in a nutshell for you! I just finished watching the first episode and all I have to say is “wow”. You’ll definitely never find anything like this again. When I first heard about this series being released for this season, I didn’t have much to say about it, but this is really something incredible. It’s a very mature story that I think is even too mature for myself because I don’t think I’ll ever truly be able to appreciate it and understand all the hidden meanings throughout the series. It seems almost a risk making this series because it can really go either way in the sense that you’ll hate it or love it or just completely ignore it; I think it’s genius! It’s completely science fiction, which is a type of genre that I normally don’t like and I’m they plan on having 12 episodes. A lot has already happened in the first, so I’m curious to find out what else the series has in store for the viewers. The story has endless possibilities. The animation is incredibly simple, but I find it sets such an atmosphere, which feels almost disturbing. My favourite thing in the whole episode though, was definitely the music. It isn’t only the opening and ending though, which are both incredibly beautiful, but also the music throughout the episode, which had beauty of its own. I didn’t plan in going into any details about the episode, I just wanted to give this a special mention and I definitely recommend that you watch this because you might not find something this unique again.



  1. I heard of it before maybe I should watch it.

  2. You probably won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  3. Ow man you’ve got all my support for choosing Rena from higurashi for the main banner

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  5. Hmm…the way you put it makes it seem like it’s definitely worth everyone’s time. I’ll take the bait and watch it! ^_^

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