Posted by: lostty | April 21, 2008

S.A Special A episode 2

I am indeed beautiful!!!

For firsts, I’m really sorry for the late posts. I got occupied by a lot of other things and neglected to watch this until now. Is it just me or does this anime season have an awful lot of new shows (and most seem to be over 20 episodes)? I didn’t really like the first episode and the second one was just alright, so as a reason to why I’m blogging this, I don’t really know, I guess it just seems to be something that is compelling and I have a lot to say about it. So, we have another episode dealing with the fact that the Special A is better than everyone else and this time the school president decides to challenge them. He decides that the challenge they’ll have to defeat is none other than a wrestling match against two of the most strongest wrestlers ever and two members from the class. Of course Hikari and Kei are the ones that are chosen to compete, but when the president realizes how good they actually are he decides to play dirty and sabotage there chances of winning. He ends up trying to get both Hikari and Kei injured by any means necessary. When Kei realizes the threat he gets worried for Hikari who seems completely oblivious to what’s going on; for someone so smart how can she not realize that someone is trying to hurt her if she walks down the stairs and sharp bamboo sticks are thrown in her direction. Anyway, when the day of the challenge comes something else happens to there disadvantage, which leaves Hikari and Kei in quite a predicament. Though, nonetheless he tries to protect her and she obviously doesn’t realize it, but the only reason why he protects her is because he doesn’t want her getting hurt and he’s actually a really nice guy, well that’s what I understood anyway.

I definitely preferred this episode over the last, in this one we also get to see the opening for the series for the first time and all I’ve got to say is that it’s stupid. I don’t even like the song (which is just about special days) and for more than half of it we just have Hikari opening her hands and having snowflakes going everywhere (ya, it’s corny). Something that I came to realize while watching this episode was that the only character I dislike in this series is Hikari, the main character. She’s just someone who’s completely annoying and repetitive, though I think I’ll learn to like her eventually. Even if I don’t like the show that much, I’m actually very interested in reading the manga because I recently saw a picture from it of Kei and I couldn’t help but think he looked really hot! I wish Kei would look like he did in the series! Nothing particularly interesting about the next episode, but I doubt anything dramatic is actually going to happen for a while anyway…

ugly image



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  3. hi..i’ve been watching a lot of anime for a while now..quite a lot actually..and i’ve finished a ton so been looking for more..and i stumbled on this anime, Special a through your blog…and thank goodness i did!

    please..can you tell me where i can watch this season online? i’m just dying to see it…your posts say so..wanna believe that too…

    please email me as soon as you can and thanks a million!

    by the way, where are you from? i just think all guys and gals who love anime-manga should be friends…

    signing off!

  4. ok, I’ll send you an email, but you can probably just find it easily on Veoh.

  5. me gusto ucho

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