Posted by: lostty | April 20, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 25

lion's but

The second half was a lot better than the first half, but this was still a great episode! The next episode just seems to be an after effect sort of thing. For the first half you just have Ruka getting all the circus animals attacking everyone, which isn’t very nice. Everyone’s just running about trying to save the young ones for about 10 minutes, then he decides to find the head office where Natsume should be. He complains some more and then tells his animal friends to eat everybody including his friends. Mikan ends up getting saved again (how many times is her life put in peril?) by none other than Natsume who ends up slapping Ruka (yay!). As if nothing happened they become friends again. Where did Natsume come from? I don’t really know, but he didn’t look very injured at all since we last saw him. Anyway, Natsume gave a little speech as well that sounded very smart.

The better part of the episode was when Reo came in and we actually find out he’s smart! He used the voice telecom thing that goes all over the school to send out messages, which was very clever because of his Alice and all; I was very impressed. Though, that didn’t seem effective enough so instead he took out a gun and figured well if your Alices are so great then try and stop this. I couldn’t help but think why he didn’t try that to begin with, but I doubt I’d ever get a good answer. Everyone is then in distress again (very repetitive), but Narumi saves the day by making Reo feel all happy inside again. That was a very good scene; I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it. Though in the end instead of arresting him or anything like a normal person would, Narumi lets him escape again!!! Except this time it was an even lamer getaway, Reo used a hot-air-balloon! I was laughing so hard at that! If they ever make any sort of sequel to this series I really hope they don’t add Reo in it again because for once it really seems like he accepted defeat. Maybe now he’ll get back to his other profession, which was meant to be a famous singer, but I doubt it. It’s these episodes that I miss in this series, if only stayed constant like this, it may have really been a great series. The next episode seems boring, the main event just seems that Hotaru plans to leave Mikan again.



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