Posted by: lostty | April 19, 2008

Vampire Knight episode 2

At least we didn’t have any eyes spontaneously glowing in this episode! This was a bit of a disappointing episode, but still enjoyable and worth watching. This series I heard the news recently that this series is officially going to have 26 episodes! I’m so excited to see how the plot runs out, considering the second episode is between chapters two and three, I think it’s a pretty good pace. For the most part this was just an episode about valentine’s day, which past a long time ago and just left me wanting chocolate, but they did have some other scenes involving Zero’s struggles. Not much really happened and I definitely preferred this scene in the manga. Some of the things that bother me in this series so far are the way they have been portraying their characters. For example, they made Zero not discreet enough and they make it way too obvious that he struggles not to become a vampire, I would be really surprised if somebody didn’t know that already (sorry if someone who just read that didn’t know, but you were bound to find out sometime). Well, at least Zero is still beautiful. Yuki reminds me too much of a certain character from another show, known as Fruits Basket. She reminds me of Tohru Honda; overly cute, extremely nice and always having a positive to everything. I understand that the same studio makes this series, but it just doesn’t really work. Perhaps, Yuki is naïve, but not nearly as naïve as they portray her as. She’s also too nice; she should be a bit fiercer fighting off all those vampires and such. The best transition into an anime of a character from the manga is most likely Aido (Idol), he’s still funny and cute and just entertaining to watch.

The part at the end of the episode was probably the best part, when Yuki gives Zero her only chocolate that actually supposedly turned out okay; it was really cute and overall just a good moment. I also still really love the ending theme, I wish they’d take the mood we get from that and apply it to the whole series, that way we would have a masterpiece in the making! The opening is really growing on me; the song is kind of catchy and really gets stuck in your head. As much as i say a lot of negative things about the episode, I still liked it and it was definitely entertaining. I really hate the previews for this series though because all they give you, as a hint is the name of the episode, which is disappointing, but I guess by the next episode Zero will probably get his secret known by Yuki. I really should stop all this comparing the anime to the manga (I’m sorry) I’m sure if I just tried to neglect it I would enjoy this a lot more. Though, I am excited to see some of my favourite parts animated and also to see how they change the plot.



  1. I agree with you on the OP. I love it. The OP is really catchy. haha.

  2. yes! I love the OP too~

    and wow 26 episodes? that’s great news! ^^

  3. i looooooooovvvvveee Zero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. with reason 🙂 He’s gorgeous!

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