Posted by: lostty | April 14, 2008

Kurenai episode 2

I don’t know why I decided to blog this series, I guess it just interested me because I know absolutely nothing about it, not even how many episode it’s going to have, which would be very useful if someone could tell me. I still really don’t like the opening and ending themes. Not only is it the animation, but the songs are just annoying as well. I’m sure I’m the only one who thinks this, but what can I do! The episode itself was really good and I’m even considering it to be better than the first one. For the most part, not much really happened, but at the same time it was very eventful and entertaining (something Bus Gamer can’t seem to accomplish). The story was a bit like the last one, in the sense that it was just the guy going to school again and leaving poor Murasaki alone only to find she ends up being completely hopeless. Soon after we have a lot more events playing on the fact that Murasaki doesn’t know how to react in a society where everything isn’t done for her. She accomplishes this in the cutest way possible of course!

I find it interesting how Murasaki isn’t like most typical young girl from an anime; she isn’t obnoxious with giant eyes like from everything else, she’s normal (not that I don’t like the cute and obnoxious big eyed children!). She is portrayed os well as just an adorable little girl. Yet, even if she is normal, she is still one of the best characters and is simply just too adorable! She takes everything way too literally, depends so much on Murasaki and chases after cats from balconies, how much more do you need to make you know that she is cute girl? Well, the last part about the cat isn’t that great an example because I know if I were in her place I would have done the same thing. Another great scene in this episode was when the old lady gives her milk and she doesn’t thank her because she thinks it’s just another servant. The end of the episode was really interesting though and probably the best part of the episode because Murasaki gets called to do one of his dispute mediating and we learn what that means, From what I could tell, it means someone calls for help and then he comes to pound them to a pulp. I’m curious to find out how he has this sort of power and what the hell was the thing that stuck out from his elbow inside his sweater. Anyway, I couldn’t tell anything about what the next episode might be about except for Murasaki, who apparently will be drinking more milk. This has definitely become one of my favourites of the season and if you overlooked this, than I really suggest you give it a try!



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  2. I agree, this is really one of the better shows of the season. It has this interesting balance of slice of life with dark mystery, and I feel the characters are written very real.

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