Posted by: lostty | April 12, 2008

Bus Gamer episode 2

I still don’t see how they plan on finishing this in just one more episode. In a way, it’s kind of a shame considering this series actually does have a lot of potential, it could have easily been a longer series. From what I heard, the characters are meant to in total play in 14 games and in this episode they are supposedly already on there sixth game, which means that they basically just skipped four battles altogether with and considering the next episode is the last, imagine how many they’ll have to skip then. Just to clarify things I hear this is such a short series because it was adapted from a manga that only had one volume and never came out with anything more since something around five years ago. I would like to know if anyone could tell me if these are the right facts or something else that’s completely wrong. The thing that always bothers me most about this series is that after I’m done, I can’t help but feel that not much actually happened. It’s a bad feeling to have towards any show, but when it’s for one so short it’s extra bad. The episode was just about them going to a new battle, almost losing and then they end up winning. Also a new character was introduced who works for the police and sum five second flashbacks to possible reasons (which are impossible to really tell what they might be), to why some of them are trying to gain there large amounts of money and from the looks of it, they seem pretty interesting especially Toki’s.

I remember being so surprised that throughout one of the battles Kazuo actually seemed useful, but once again he proved himself to be an ignorant seventeen year old by the end as he got everyone in quite a lot of trouble. I was very upset over that scene and you’d probably be surprised by how much it annoyed me. How stupid can that kid actually be? So, the next episode is already the last and I’m definitely worried about it. There’s a miniscule chance that it’ll end the way I want it to, but I don’t plan on having any of my hopes up. Nonetheless I’m still curious how the group plans on getting themselves out of the mess Kazuo made. I give this series credit for being able to hold my attention and keep me relatively entertained. No previews at all for the final episode just as the others because it’s kind of pointless when the series is so short, but too bad because I love having previews!



  1. The second pic is really scary and creepy!!!!

  2. It’s from one of the flashbacks, so I’m not quite sure about the story behind it, but assumptions can be made….

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