Posted by: lostty | April 11, 2008

Soul Eater, Special A and Allison and Lillia ~First Impressions~

Soul Eater

I knew when I saw the trailer for this series that I wanted to watch it. Just from that I could tell that it seemed unique and different from all the other shonen animes out there, I was definitely right. I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it though because it ended up being way more than I would have thought. The characters are all very interesting and funny and not to mention just enjoyable to watch. I love the animation, which is definitely unique. The concept is also very interesting and from what I heard, this is going to have 51 episodes, which I’m sure can be easily accomplished. This is a series worth watching; it has tremendous potential, which I hope will be used well. I loved the opening, I’m sure this is only going to get better!

Special A

So far, all is well for this series. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the actual story, which is just about a class of 7 people who are better than everyone else competing against each other to be number one. Though, I’m sure it will soon have more depth, but I haven’t read the manga beforehand so everything that happens is going to be a complete surprise. Something about this season that I find kind of funny is that so many series seem to have some sort of fetish in making their characters have super stretched out legs. Nothing wrong with it really, but when they were jumping in gym class it did look really weird. I also found the joke about calling Hikari rank 2 got old really quit and they played on it about 5 times. Besides that it wasn’t that bad of an episode and I think I actually did enjoy it. I’m actually pretty excited for the next episode.

Allison and Lillia

Reading what other people think of this first episode, I was surprised by how many people didn’t like this. Yes, I would agree the story seemed slow, but I thought it really worked. It’s something that you can just sit down and appreciate what you’re watching without being bothered by all the things that are happening. Everything flowed smoothly and really kept my interest. This is basically just a breath of fresh air from everything else. I like the story and I’m curious to find out where they plan on taking it. I also liked the animation, it isn’t anything amazing, but it goes well with the mood. I now doubt this is going to be a series that everyone will enjoy, but I really do believe it’s worth at least watching the first episode, I know I’m going to continue watching!



  1. I would have liked the first episode of Allison & Lillia more in my post, had I not watched it raw. Comprehension, in this case, helps enjoyment.

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  3. Wow, all 3 look nice

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