Posted by: lostty | April 5, 2008

Tower of Druaga – the Aegis of Uruk and Chi’s Sweet Home ~ First Impressions~

Looking at all the new series coming out, this season seems promising. I’m still anxiously waiting for Vampire Knight to release, but in the meantime I already started watching a couple of things. So here’s a quick review on what I think.

Tower of Druaga – the Aegis of Uruk

The first episode was far from anything that I expected from this series. I thought it was just going to be an action series, which I was happy about considering I was just in the mood for something like that, but in the end I ended up being completely wrong. Soon enough they started making joke after joke, I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t find them funny at all, I remember even laughing out loud for some. The point was that I just didn’t want a series like that. It’s hard to tell if they plan on keeping it this way though, the end of the episode suggested that I may actually get my action packed series, but it’s hard to tell. It also has decent animation, which is always a plus. I actually think it’s a good series with lots of potential, it’s more of a personal preference on my part, but I definitely plan on watching more.

Chi’s Sweet Home

I guarantee that after the first episode you will fall in love with this series! It really is a shame that the episodes have to be so short (roughly 2 minutes), but this really is so good! A new episode comes out everyday, which honestly leaves me beyond overjoyed, but I wonder how many episodes this is actually going to have? The story is basically about a cat that loses its mom and gets took in by a family. I’m pretty sure it’s based on a manga that I need to read as soon as I find it (I know I sound a bit crazy enthusiastic over this). The cat is simply adorable! I also love the thirty-second opening. This is a series almost too cute for its own good! If you don’t enjoy watching this in any way I will seriously doubt that you have a soul. The last time I saw a short series this good was Kogepan (the burnt toast that talks). This is definitely worth every minute of your time! 🙂



  1. Hmm, the scanlations of Chii’s Sweet Home are up to about chapter 40(2 volumes), while there are 4 volumes out as of now I believe, and with 4 eps a week, I guess it’ll run for a 2-cour season, since they are staying very close to the manga and each episode focuses on 1 manga chapter.

  2. That’s a reasonable amount of episodes I guess. Thanks for the information 🙂

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  4. Weird about Chi’s Sweet Home, you know Icine? One of the sites I go to, some of the people are obsessed with it! Lots of cute avatars. I guess I’ll watch it 😀

  5. You will swoon over its cuteness and love it! The cat will always conquer all!

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