Posted by: lostty | April 4, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 24

Is it just me or is the lipstick a little too much?

Turns out, that every single predication I had for this episode ended up being wrong. The only thing that was close to being right was the fact that Natsume was in fact on a boat, though it was for a different than I expected. As much as I hate being completely and utterly wrong, it is a good thing for the series considering it proves they can still keep us guessing. I was even wrong in thinking that Ruka got kidnapped! The story was that Reo ended up telling Ruka all the bad things that the academy does to the kids and of course his main point was Natsume, who Reo says if they don’t do anything soon Natsume will die (what a shocker!). This convinced Ruka that something had to be done, especially as Natsume returns from one of his missions extremely injured, as Ruka complains to everyone the students end up putting there trust in Narumi only to be gravely disappointed. I’ve only mentiuoned once before that that sometimes this series can have either nice animation or really ugly animation and this was an episode with really ugly animation, definitely one of the worst yet. Ruka’s eyes were so ugly and creepy and they became a definite eyesore (haha!) whenever he appeared in a scene. Also on the subject of Ruka, I found in this episode he officially became annoying. I don’t care if he’s Natsume’s best friend, I don’t care if he may have been brainwashed with Reo’s words, characters that are like how he was in this episode are just annoying! Though, I felt bad for Narumi in the end, everyone ends up really hating him, but it wasn’t really his fault at all. I guess this is just a part of Reo’s plan. Also, we see for the first time the girl who had the nullification Alice before Mika, well technically only the back of her head, but I can now without a doubt say that she has brown hair! Yes, I know I’m amazing; I keep thinking that the person must be Mikan’s mom, but I don’t see how it could make much sense. Overall I had a lot of negative things to say about the episode, but I still did enjoy it, the story itself was interesting and it definitely brought in the conflict for the end of the series considering there is only two episodes left. From the preview, it seems Reo now has everyone playing on the palms of his hand and to help Ruka out (Ruka is very upset), he decided to let all the circus animals free, creating ruckus at the academy and as everyone hopes for Ruka to help them, he seems to be taking a stance against the Academy!



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