Posted by: lostty | April 1, 2008

Bus Gamer episode 1

Just for the record, Bus Gamer has nothing to do with a bus; you would be very surprised at how upset I was over that. Anyway, I just don’t see how they could possibly finish this series in just 3 episodes! A lot of things were brought up in the first episode that’s going to have to be answered sometime, but 3 episodes? Two now actually… So, the story is somewhat complex, the just of it is that people can enter a contest where you can win large sums of money. Three people: Toki Mishiba, Nobuto Nakajou and Kazuo Saito all end up on one team together in this completion. They don’t seem like they could make a good team at all, but they all do have one thing is common, which is that they are all hoping to win 1 billion dollars for reasons they only know. The competition is basically that by the end of a certain time limit you had to have stolen some sort of thing from the other team, to do that they can use violence, wit, or whatever you really want. The rules to the game seem to be quite small if there is any. Now as a team these people are expected to work together to beat the game. Thinking back on the episode now, not much really happened for the first 15 minutes. I was really interesting, but it wasn’t really that great. Though, it was better than I expected (even thought I thought it would be about a bus) and at least it kept my attention.

I’m not too fond of the characters though. The only one I actually don’t mind is Nobuto who seems nice and not too annoying of a character, the other I almost can’t stand. Toki just seems to try too hard to be cool and looks as if he could be a follower for Nobuto, while Kazuo, who’s seventeen, just seems superficial, unrealistic, useless and tries to hard to be the comic relief. The animation isn’t really beautiful either, but it sets the mood well in an interesting way. One thing I can easily say is that I do like the opening and ending theme for the show; they’re both kind of catchy. Also, the action scenes were pretty well done. They ended the episode on a cliffhanger so that they keep some viewers for the next episode. Overall, it was just average, but then again I’m not usually the type to like this type of anime, I’m curious to what everyone else thinks of it. I am most curious though how they’ll end up fitting it all in three episode, I guess I’ll continue the series. It’s worth watching just to see if you like it, but if you’re interested in mysteries adventure type things I think you’ll probably like it.



  1. Looks like Saiyuki… done by the same artist, I presume? I never got into Saiyuki, but I hear it’s good… this is only 3 episodes long? I suppose that makes it worth the quick watch. 🙂

  2. It is done by the same creators. Finishing a short series always makes me happy 🙂

  3. […] Gamer is set for three episodes and there’s of course (as has been mentioned) no way it’s going to tell a cohesive and complete story based on its premise in that time. […]

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