Posted by: lostty | March 29, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 23

Ever since Reo made the lamest escape ever I knew he’d come back and in this episode it finally comes true! They could have been more discreet about it because throughout the whole episode it was so obvious, so by the end when he confesses his identity to Ruka, all I could think was how un-shocking it was and how weird it was that none of the characters realized fast enough. But aside from that, it was still a great episode. There was actually a plot development in the episode! 😮 I also found out about the black outfits they were all wearing, which turns out were just coats for the sake of cold weather. It was adorable how even Ruka’s pet bunny wore a mini coat! Anyway, one of the things we learn more about is the person who had some nullification Alice as Mikan, Mikan’s teacher talks about how he really liked the person and they were really nice, but like Mikan they also suggested how people who have Alices don’t have to use them all the time, which if you mention at the school, they consider it a really bad thing. Also, a little more about Natsume is revealed (yay!), it is about the place in his past at his home where everything caught on fire and everyone ended blaming him, but from what I understood he didn’t do anything at all, he was wrongfully blamed and since then he got all emo and aloof, but before he was like that he was so cute. I was really happy that this episode had some development in it and it was also very entertaining, but I think I still want more from the show even if I know it will never happen. Anyway, now that Reo is back just as his thirst for kidnapping it seems he took Ruka this time in hope of tricking Natsume to come to his rescue. In the preview it seems that Mikan is going to get caught up with all this somehow and Natsume is going to be on some kind of boat. Also Mikan’s homeroom teacher seems to play an important part.



  1. WAHH! I love Gakuen Alice!!!!! Did you know theirs going to be a second season?!

  2. I actually did here about the rumour being said around the internet, but I’m still not sure it’s completely true, I will only believe it when I actually see it.

  3. […] lostty wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  4. i hope there is ALICE ACADEMY SEASON 2 in animax !!

    Please!! ^__^

  5. yup! That would definitely be great 🙂

  6. OMG! Are you guys kidding me. I know in my heart there is a second season. Plus even though they didn’t kiss in the anime, they kiss in the manga, Volume 9, chapter 56 or 54!!! ^_^ Sorry I copied you steffy!!!

  7. @Kristina: I haven’t read the manga yet…. Don’t worry you didn’t spoil anything for me. I’ve heard from many that it’s just as good as the anime if not better, so I think I might try and get to it soon…….

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