Posted by: lostty | March 26, 2008

The Anime Blog Awards

(I am sure I will never get a chance to use a picture of Hatsune Miku again, but she really can be used for so many events even if it doesn’t make much sense :D)

The Anime Blog Awards

By bloggers for bloggers

I got a message from this site today asking if I could help out by giving it a little advertisement on my blog. I checked out the site and it seemed really interesting. Other bloggers nominate each other from between March 19th to April 22nd and after that everyone can vote (bloggers or readers) till June 1st for who’s there favourite! There are lots of categories if you see the site. It gives blogs a chance to be noticed for their good work and efforts and also to recognize the ones that are new. Supporting something I’ve only just heard of today seems…weird, but it’s only because this is super awesome, so check it out! 



  1. I’ve already heard about this already. It’s a really great idea, the anime blogging network is huge and dedicated. Some bloggers really stand out as influential, outstanding and dedicated. These bloggers deserve recognition.

    I would nominate blogs yet the rules state you can’t unless your blog was created before February 1st, 2008 >_<

    • I nominated this blog a while back…what ever happpened?

  2. awww that’s no fun…well hopefully it will become a tradition that happens every year like as they hope.

  3. A guy from the committee told me the following:

    Dear Puntaku,

    The restrictions is simply to deter those who randomly enters. You are allowed if you are keen to nominate ^^


    =D I might seriously nominate you for Rookie of the Year. I’ve seen more professional newcomers but I tend to read your blog a lot more than any other new blog. You also update regularly and write just enough in your posts, not too much, not too little.

  4. That’s great! and thank you so much! 🙂

  5. Thanks Lostty for this great post on The Anime Blog Awards. We really hope that we can get as many people involved as possible!

    Also AWESOME BLOG … i’m so jealous of your theme =x! I’ll be hanging around here dude :D! Keep up the good work ^^!

  6. […] the kind words from TinyRedman, Anime Princess, Batezi and Sea Slugs, I hope that the above “FAQ” will shed more light on the awards. […]

  7. […] in some way or another – it’s not hard to get misconceptions about it. Some others said that the awards were a great idea and that they should be supported. Of course this side has a […]

    • I am the best ever!! I love you guys though….lolz

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