Posted by: lostty | March 24, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 11

An amazing episode! Only one more episode left and everything is really building up! I could only think of one mistake in the whole episode, which wasn’t much of a mistake, it was when Fumi first wakes up in the hospital and gets out of bed and just starts walking as if those past 3 years in bed were nothing! I remember learning that if you stay in bed that long most of your muscles get affected. Anyway moving on…Fumi, now awake found herself staring at Nojima and her best friend Natsuka. Her health ends up being good, except her memory is supposedly very blurry and she can’t remember much at all. As much as you’d expect Mika to be happy, she realizes that she can’t be “in the picture” anymore and the only way she can die is if Fumi shoots her. So she ends up going to look for Fumi to tell her the proposal. She told her whole plan to Chiaki who got very upset considering she doesn’t want to lose one of her best friends, but before she could say anything back, Mika was off. Chiaki ended up telling Nojima and Natsuka Mikan’s plan. Natsuka decided that she’d keep Fumi at her house while Nojima lies to Mika about Fumi saying she just transferred to another hospital for more tests. Everything becomes relatively normal in Mika’s life until all of a sudden she remembers an important memory and most importantly she remembers Mika.

Fumi can really run! She ran all around town looking for Mika and from what I could tell it was completely bare-foot! When she actually finds Mika and Mika proposes the plan she has we don’t know what happens next. She either shot Mika or didn’t, but she did have a complete character change so chances are she did. I really hope Mika isn’t gone forever! Though, Chiaki also went to some person who might try and help both Fumikas exist in one world. The episode seemed relatively slow paced, but I’m glad because it just wouldn’t have worked if all the events went by fast. The last few seconds of the episode seemed to introduce a new character, which isn’t always a good thing to do in the last episode. There was no indication to who she might be, but I think she is going to be Fumika’s mom. I’m going to bet that everything is going to turn out well in the end and both Mika and Fumi will coexist. There was actually no preview for the next episode so they can build up suspense for all the viewers and it really works, I know I can’t wait!



  1. That was the thing that got me too. Someone who’s been ‘asleep’ for three years isn’t going to be going anywhere without several months of hard physiotherapy to build up strength and then would have learn how to walk again.

    Still, I guess in a series where messengers deliver letters from the recently deceased, reality isn’t too important here!

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever learn…you can’t expect much realism in an anime. 🙂

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