Posted by: lostty | March 22, 2008

CLANNAD episode 22 (Finale)

(Just a note: I don’t plan on keeping anything secret, this will be a spoiler post) This is the last episode besides the extra one and the OVA and I’ve got to say I’m just…satisfied. I think I made my expectations too high or maybe it just wasn’t that great of an ending. Well, before I get started on the ending I just have to mention about the stuff that happened before. For the first ten minutes we just had Nagisa being extremely depressed, which is sad to see. When it is her turn to perform on stage the play, she starts crying in front of everyone as she recalls all the things her parents must have given up for her. Just before the drama club members decide to pull down the curtain Akio (Nagisa’s dad, a.k.a one of the best characters) comes in and screams out to her how a parents dream is always there child’s and how much he just wants her to realize her own and Tomoya cheers her on as well.  This was the moment I cried in, the only part in the whole episode, not even the ending was worth my tears, it was definitely a moving scene ^_^ But they quickly stopped as the play begun and finished. As Tomoya and Nagisa were sitting outside together his dad came out of nowhere. I was surprised because maybe my prediction that the gap between them wouldn’t repair was wrong, but I ended up not being completely wrong because all that was said was “good play Nagisa” and Tomoya sends his words of wisdom “don’t drink too much” and then his dad goes on his merry way.

At the very end of the episode we did get a romantic scene, but it wasn’t anything from what I wanted. Tomoya makes his confession to Nagisa and she accepts, but there is no kiss! Was I the only one who really wanted that ending kiss? It wasn’t anywhere near as romantic as I wanted, but you can’t always get what you want. Also, most of my predictions to the things that wouldn’t be solved were right because we didn’t end up finding out what happens to the rest of the characters and worst of all, Fuko wasn’t in the episode at all! It upset me so much! So we’re never going to find out if she will ever wake up from the coma. Thinking back on the Fuko arc, I think I cried way more at the end of that arc then I did for this one. I was sobbing non-stop! But this isn’t a crying competition, so that shouldn’t matter that much. Poor fuko, just a memory that people remember every now and then for the rest of her life 😦 Somebody (you know who you are) actually told me that I was Fuko obsessed recently; I never really thought I was, I just presumed everybody loved her. Turns out most people actually don’t so I really am some sort of Fuko freak…

Back to my original comment about the ending, I liked it but it was too ordinary, I wanted more, it felt very rushed and I find that some of the other episodes I’ve seen were better. It was an ending for the sake of an ending, it had potential to be more, but wasn’t. Though, this series is so good that its plain ending is excusable. I also wish they didn’t play the opening or ending theme so they could have had more show time. They also had a preview for the next episode, which kind of ruined the mood, but I was still happy. It’s all about the summer special it looks pretty funny. I feel I’ve said too many negative things about this episode, so for some positive things I found that it did make me cry (which is a good thing), it still end romantic, and it made me very happy while watching. Another positive thing is that I now get a chance to play the game and watch the movie!



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  2. I am hoping that the ova ends up being a contuation of this story and we find out what happens to all the characters and as you wanted hopefully a kiss. I was crying for half the episode.

  3. ya, I now have my hopes for the OVA! I hope we get a chance to see Fuko in the special and the OVA. I really hope they have a nice closing on everything. I know what the special is about, but I have absolutely no idea about the OVA, maybe they’ll have a commercial for it after the special (fingers crossed)!

  4. Ok, let’s investigate and theorise like a bunch of hardcore otaku…

    Kyoto Animation have so have adapted a number of anime series based on KEY visual novels.

    Air was the first one and this featured cameo appearances of Kanon characters. A preview of things to come?

    The Next KEY adaptation was Kanon, which featured a 30 second teaser trailer for Clannad.

    Also note that there were no previews for Haruhi or Lucky Star, which aren’t adaptations of KEY games. So following this trend we can assume that the next episode of Clannad will preview another KEY adaptation…

    Clannad season 2 perhaps?

  5. makes sense, I remember seeing all the previews, we could only hope that there would be a clannad season 2, but they also might instead have a preview for the second season of Haruhi, which is meant to come out sometime this year.

  6. I personally would prefer a trailer for the new Haruhi. Doesn’t fit in with what I said because it isn’t based on a KEY game but it’s possible since Haruhi is the most popular work by them which they still haven’t announced a date for.

  7. First time posting~~
    You get to play the game!? wow I hope I can play too…

  8. hello Silent Minstrel!
    You can probably find the torrent for the game if you look on the web. Also some fan-subbers are in the process of subbing the game in english.

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