Posted by: lostty | March 19, 2008

Princess Tutu

I am sure that the title alone of this series probably convinced more than half of the potential viewers not to watch this. Though, I have to say this isn’t as girly as it would seem. Ya, I’m not going to say it isn’t girly at all (or even at a small extent), but it’s not excessive. So there is a princess (two in fact), a prince without a heart (aww), a duck that turns into a girl, and much more, but most importantly lots and lots of ballet! Wow, I didn’t prove my point at all!

The story is pretty simple, it has 26 episodes in total. It is about a duck that turned into a girl. There is a prince named Mytho who has lost his heart. The girl named Duck (or ahiru in Japanese), is told by a really creepy guy who’s called Drosselmeyer that she could save the prince. Easy enough she is able to turn into Princess Tutu and find shards to the prince’s heart that symbolizes each emotion. Soon enough though, she finds this storybook called the crow and the prince (or something like that?). Most people don’t know much about this story or the secrets behind it, but those who do know of the story and what part Princess Tutu plays are not particular happy. Soon enough the story advances, but nobody wants to have a pre-destined fate and change comes in order.

The last episode in the whole series was really good, but at the same time I felt the ending was a bit rushed. Maybe I only thought that though because it wasen’t really the ending that I expected (or wanted?). The show still has potential for a second season, but it probably wouldn’t work and I don’t think it’s that popular. Something I didn’t mention about the plot was that almost every episode was based on a ballet or play, which they incorporate into the storyline of the series and individual episode. It’s interesting how they decided to have it done because many moments in the show it actually seems like there’s a spotlight under the characters, which an anime of course wouldn’t need, but they decided to make it like that anyway. I loved the ballet and play interpretations because it was really interesting and original, even if I was only able to identify half of them. It’s also a really good anime because even if it has a lot of dancing in it, it works; it looks really realistic without looking strange. Also they obviously used the music from the ballets and plays, which for most were really pretty and I really liked.

I am really curious to know if there is any Mytho supporters out there. Being a Fakir fan-girl myself, I just don’t see how someone could be a Mytho fan. For more than half the series he’s just indifferent in everything he says and does and is really naïve (kind of heartless you know? Haha, I made a horrible joke). So if there are any Mytho fans out there please show your selves! Anyway, on the subject of characters, one of my favourites (besides Fakir) was Mr. Cat (or Neko in Japanese). Yes, he is a cat and is obsessed in wanting to get married, so he threatens his students by saying if they don’t do well they will have to marry him, but he is so funny. The joke did seem to get repetitive, but he is still a great character. Besides Mr. Cat, all the other animals (like anteaters and hippos) that also did ballet really freaked me out because they just looked weird. That got me wondering, the animals doing ballet, why did ahiry have to turn into a human? Couldn’t she just be a duck who also did ballet at a school and when needed turned into like a super hero duck! Well, I guess they didn’t do that because it would be stupid and awkward for the other main characters in the show and the viewers. Another thing about Ahiru was that her friends were so mean! They wanted her to always fail because they found it cute or something. They would also tease her. Well I guess they were nice sometimes, they were more of the comic relief I guess.

I really do love this series. I even own the complete series on DVD (which has great special features by the way). It has a great story, characters, music and good dancing. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless they seemed interested, but I originally was one of those people who thought it wasn’t going to be good, so I would suggest you at least give it a try because even if at first you are reluctant to see you might end up loving it! Duck Power!



  1. Princess Tutu huh? Seems like a unique anime. I will probably watch this one sometime. Thanks for the overview. Good luck, peace.

  2. I gotta say, I really like your blog site! Looks like I’ve got a good anime resource to go on! Keep it up!

  3. Thank you ^_^

  4. I already wached this anime and it’s nice , but I didn’t like the ending It was a little bad ^^. liked the overviwe It’s really good

  5. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the ending either, but it was a worthy ending

  6. Princess tutu and Fakir look so cute together, I wish the ending didn’t end so fast also. They kinda got me a little exited about Ahiru and Fakir.
    But at least Ahiru didn’t dissaper in a flash of light.

  7. The ending wasn’t very happy I wish they made more episode’s. Fakir should use his writing power to turn Ahiru to a human

    • O.o yes!

  8. @kayla galloway: The series really should get a second season! And that’s a good point, even if she is just a duck though, at least she’s with Fakir 🙂

    @kittymaf: I was just thinking that possibility, the series could have easily made a continuation to there story!

  9. i luv princess tutu too (too many tu’s there horrible joke too lolz) the ending was crappy but it actualy was good if yu think about it deeply fakir technically did luv ahiru and he has the power to make stories reality well sorta so at the end there was something about hope and fakir writing a new story its probably to turn ahiru back to a girl (confusing isnt it) yu should read the manga well yu hav to buy it yu cat read it online i herd it was horrible but im gonna try reading it yu should too maybe its actually pretty good oh gosh im typing writing watever too long…. anyway FAKIR AND AHIRU FOREVER YAAAYY >_<

  10. @Rachael: I know, there are too many “tu”‘s. My sister and I would call it “P4”, which is really nerdy! X)
    I have heard of the manga and I was at one point thinking of buying it, but the animation doesn’t look that good and I really like the dancing aspect of the series and obviously the manga wouldn’t be able to achieve that same feel. Though, I might buy it someday.

  11. i love princess tutu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Great anime. I loved it. Ending was surprise for me, but it was great and happy ending. 🙂

  13. It was a really nice anime.They could have ended it a bit better though.Not that I’m complaining…Still,hope there’s another season.

  14. Fakir is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FAKIR!!! so hot ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Fakir ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. I have just a few things to say…..I found this listening to a song my firend let me listen to on her ipod called Dancing All Alone.I think Fakir is really really hOt!!!lol!Princess Tutu rocks….o yea where can I find the episodes 19-26 on Youtube???

  16. @Courtney: You may have better luck on Veoh or rather than YouTube to find the episodes. I’m glad you enjoy the series. You should really consider buying the DVDs….

  17. i really really like princess tutu…at first i want tutu and mytho to be together but then i changed my mind. now i want fakir and tutu…hehehehehehehe..but then it bring me sadness because the ending did not satisfy me. i am expecting that in the end it would be fakir and mytho…i hope there is a continuation…

  18. i really loved the anime too!!! it suprised me about duck(princess tutu) and Fakia(i think thats how you spell his name). from 1-10 it has a ten!!

  19. I wish if tutu were turned into a girl again so that she & fakir could live 4ever

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