Posted by: lostty | March 16, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 10

The story went back to just the regular delivering of letters from the dead to those still living, but as much as it would seem as something dull, this episode was amazing! From start to finish it just worked out all so well. The story is about a girl named Fumika (not the Fumika we know or any sides of her split personality, just someone with the same name. I was one of those people who thought it was Fumika who we all know, so I was wondering why she didn’t look like her as a child and why everyone is saying things around her that doesn’t make sense with what we already learnt, I guess that shows how long it takes me to catch the hints.) Anyway, she suddenly meets a guy who was a t first a video game creator and an artist, but he decided to quit both of his jobs, which makes his family upset and he gets diagnosed with cancer but decides not to tell anyone. Him and the young girl decide to become friends and they both enjoy each other’s company. As he walks out on the streets at one point (with reason) he realizes all the bad things in his life and things about why he shouldn’t just end it right there and then, but then the little girl comes to his side, which I thought was really sweet because he realizes that she is his reason for living and he’d do anything for her and he ends up dying saving her from a bus.

His funeral was one of the more intriguing parts of the episode (not that I’m morbid or anything!), it really portrayed childhood innocence because like in the beginning of the episode when she poked the dead bird (which really disturbed, I remember thinking to myself that she should really stop poking that dam thing!) she did the same thing to the guy, hoping he’d wake up. As a child she didn’t understand death. It was also interesting to see the adults who before his death would be ashamed of him and talk about how bad he is behind his back, but at the funeral they acted all sincere and pretended they were always great friends and that they actually cared. This series can definitely portray childhood and adulthood very well.

Everything from beginning to end turned out to be very important. The tone of the story was really constant and kept us very depressed through the whole thing (yay?). For most of the episode it didn’t show any sign that this series will be going anywhere for its final episodes, but at the very end of the episode, that’s when it happened! Fumika from inside the hospital wakes up! The next episode seems to be all about her awakening and how she is so nice, which is definitely going to be interesting. I also can’t wait to see how all the other characters react to it, like her father (who I hope she slaps or punches even if she is supposedly really nice) and Nojima, oh and most importantly the Fumika who we’ve all come to know and love. I have a feeling that all these Fumika’s are going to get very confusing…


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