Posted by: lostty | March 15, 2008

CLANNAD episode 21

the arm just seems very out of place?

Why is this series so good!? I don’t even think there is an answer to that question! Next week, it will be the last episode in this continuing story of the series and I am so excited (a bit sad for it to end as well). I also decided against watching the movie until I am completely done the series, so the ending will be even more of a surprise! Not much actually happened in the episode and it had a simple plot to follow, which was that everyone was just in preparation for the upcoming play. It didn’t really feel that much like it was the second last episode, but I still really enjoyed the episode. No Fuko though, which came as a surprise, I do hope we see her in the last episode. Though, I can already tell that certain things will not be answered such as (these are guesses): Tomoya and his dad, if Fuko will always just be a memory, Nagisa’s parents old ambitions and what will happen to every other character besides Nagisa and Tomoya. I do hope it has a good ending and I really hope that Tomoya ends up confessing his love to Nagisa instead of something stupid like a pat on the back and “you did great in the play by the way, good job!” I want my tear jerking moments! 

I am really hoping for a fantastic ending so I hope it comes true! Nagisa’s costume for the play was really cute; I don’t blame her for being nervous considering she is the only one who will actually be on stage! Another seemingly surprising moment was that Tomoyo actually has glasses; they look really good on her even though she thinks they don’t. It’s kind of surprising considering it has been 21 episodes and we only find out now, must have been to please the fans; why was she wearing them at that moment anyway? I thought it was a really touching moment that as Tomoyo walked in she told Nagisa “I’m glad it was you.” I don’t exactly get the purpose of it or the meaning, but it was touching and that’s what matters. The ending was definitely suspenseful and really showed the potential for the next episode. From the preview all there really was, was a whole lot of different angles of Nagisa’s face, but really sad faces. Waiting a week now seems really long for the next episode to come out and to finally know how it is going to end! 



  1. I think the Tomoyo statement refers to the fact that Tomoya has picked Nagisa over all the other girls. I felt that Tomoyo always looked to Tomoya as a friend that needed to be looked after so she was always aware of the harem thing. Even though the other girls viewed her as a threat, Tomoyo never really exhibited any romantic feelings towards Tomoya. Anyways, the looks on the other girls’ faces after Tomoyo makes the comment seems to reveal this.

  2. Well…that makes a lot of sense. I never thought of it like that, but that’s a very good point, thanks for clearing that up for me 🙂

  3. I can really relate to this episode since I’m into acting myself. I really understand that feeling before entering stage.

    It’s a good plot development that Sanae wanted to be an actor. That explains why Nagisa wants to become an actor despite the fact she hasn’t been exposed to much theatre. It’s all in the genes I suppose.

    Can’t wait till next episode. Nice blog btw. I might just add you to my blogroll.

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  5. I unwantedly played the game and ran through Nagisa’s arc, and honestly, I hope it gets a different ending than what I got.

    I’m not saying it was a bad ending, it’s just that some things felt unanswered. Like Tomoya and his father thing.

    Also, Tomoyo said “I’m glad it was you.” because she {along with the other girls} came to realize who Tomoya likes the most! ^_^

  6. I haven’t played the game (yet), but I’m also really hoping for a great ending. This series is going have high expectations by everyone to how it’s going to end, that’s the problem when your series is so great and popular. I know I’m expecting something great.

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