Posted by: lostty | March 14, 2008

Gakuen Alice episode 21

So, the school fair is officially over and a new story finally begins. With the school year almost at an end, exams always follow. Nobody ever likes exams (a given), but Mikan is particularly upset because she was never good at them to begin with at her old school and at the Alice Academy the exams are at least twice as hard, she feels at total defeat (I don’t blame her). She was about to give up on herself until she found out what the prize was for the highest achieving student. The prize was that you got a week trip to go visit your family and a lot of money to spend at the shops in the village (seems very game show material?). Mikan becomes determined to win and her confidence encourages others to try hard as well. The first half of the episode involved the studying part, which was a lot more entertaining than you would expect, the second half is about the actual exam. In the episode we also see Serio, who is from what I have already seen in past episodes, Natsume’s other teacher of some sort. Actually I though Serio was a girl before, but nope, turns out he’s a guy. I couldn’t tell what his Alice was, but it looks like he completely disintegrated some leaves, which was pretty cool and probably a good hint. At first thought, this episode wouldn’t seem very good, but it ended up being great! The end of the episode really left me with such a happy feeling! I’m curious about the next episode because I’m almost done the series and nothing particularly suspenseful has happened yet, but then again I don’t exactly expect much suspense from this series and there is still 5 episode which means lots of time to start something new!

(There is way too many possibilities to making fun of this picture. I don’t understand the whole hat obsession that this series seems to have…the shark one is funniest)



  1. hi everyone..i’m also a fan of alice academy..and i’m just wondering if anyone can tell where can i download the episodes of alice academy for free..i really2 love alice’s my email

  2. where can i watch this episode ?? >.<

  3. @sophie: You can either download it off Tokyo Toshokan or you can probably find it for steaming on

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