Posted by: lostty | March 11, 2008

Shigofumi ~Stories of Last Letter~ episode 9

Don’t get distracted by your lover while you are trying to drive, it will surely lead to bad things! Finally we have an episode that focuses on Chiaki, but sadly it wasn’t that god…(or at least not as good as I expected it to be). Turns out, Chiaki has been dead for roughly 50 years and died from a car crash. The episode wasn’t only about her story, but it also involved Fumika and her friends, who together with Chiaki decided to have a mini vacation. Fumika got to choose the place and when she did, she decided on some small island that is somewhere in Japan. Lots of fun things happen there, but Fumika still intends to send a Shigofumi to someone on one of the islands around her (defeating the purpose of a vacation). Though, they did go to an onsen, which is one of the things that happen once in almost every anime series. Out of nowhere, Chiaki was really going on some love rant, talking about her experiences and such, which I felt seemed awkward considering there was never any mention of this before, but it’s not really worth complaining. I’m really glad now that all the characters seem to be now altogether.

Two particular things really caught my eye in this episode; I realized how short Fumika and Chiaki actually are (even if it was probably evident since the beginning) and I couldn’t help but wonder what Chiaki and Fumika were doing in full uniform (including a scarf) on a beach without looking the slightest bit uncomfortable. Overall, it may not have been the best episode yet, but it was definitely still enjoyable, the most funniest moment was when they had to get a hotel room and they decided to split it between boys and girls, which made Nojima end up alone with Chiaki’s staff in the one hotel room and the first thing Nojima asked him was “So…would you like some tea?”. I’m actually not really sure why I found that so entertaining, but it just seemed so funny. The episode also had some random cats who literally came out of nowhere on an island, which was cute but still weird. The climax didn’t really work for me though because they way it was presented just wasn’t exciting enough, it felt emotionless and almost boring, well at leats the episode was funny ^_^ Chiaki definitely has a vibrant personality. The preview for the next episode doesn’t really interest me, nothing looks particularly mind boggling, but I’m sure when I actually watch it I’ll enjoy it.




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